“We are all messed up, but that what is beautiful about us”

If you are a woman, who stands out from our society knowing that you are meant for more, for making your wildest dreams a reality, but need guidance and support to stop letting your BS stories taking over your life and make it happen – you are in the right place.

Don’t you worry you are not alone in this.

We all have been conditioned by society, our family, friends and other people we have met along the way. We took on beliefs and truths that are not ours, hence the reality you are living right now is not yours either.


Who the hell am I to be telling you all this?

Klara is a Czech girl who suffered from depression and anxiety since she was little. She left home at age 19 to pursue her big “American” dream and moved to the UK where she lived for the next 8 years.

She started 2 different businesses in past 2 years that brought her into the lowest point in her life – she was mentally, physically and financially broke. She was an overworked mess and completely lost her identity.

Thanks to her recovery and healing journey she found her purpose and became a certified life coach, transformational coach and solution-focused coach to be able to help other visionary women out there in pursuing their wildest dreams.