Personal growth coach for visionary women entrepreneurs, creatives, career climbers & daydreamers who know they are meant for more

“Your heart knows what it wants”

I would love to hear what you heart wants. What do you desire?

What is your dream?

Let me know…

I am Klara Hodulakova – a certified life coach, transformational & solution-focused coach, entrepreneur and blogger. 

I am obsessed by helping women to create their dreams to live life that feels happy just as it looks happy on the outside through love & service.

I myself know what a roller coaster ride it can be to build your career or to start your own business as I myself climbed up the ladder to the highest positions back in my 9 to 5 job before I entered my entrepreneurial journey 3 years ago. 


The doubt and worry, long working hours, not enough sleep, money issues, people advising you to do XYZ, barely any routine and non existing love life… I know what struggles you are facing and what an emotional ride this can be.


I am here to help you to find the way back to you to UNLEASH your inner rebel to EXPLORE what is possible and to CREATE your own magic.


So you spend time with your loved ones without feeling guilty.


So you have an amazing relationship and sex with your partner or you meet your dream guy.


So you experience the ease and work with people you love even if you work in 9 to 5.


So you say what you actually have on your mind and how you feel without worrying about people’s judgement.


So you become the happiest person you know, you believe in yourself and your GIFT, you feel confident and have the courage to do what your heart desires to impact others and this planet!


It’s not selfish, it’s your birthright!


Life doesn’t supposed to be linear there is a beauty in both ups & downs… and it is about loving both.


My mission is to guide you, support you in mastering the most important relationship you have in life and that is the relationship you have with yourself as anything else is just the REFLECTION of what is happening inside you.

You deserve to love yourself deeply


Coaching is not about quick fixes, it is a true craft and true creation of MAGIC.