Hi beautiful soul,

I’m Klara, an anxiety coach for women entrepreneurs.

I help anxious women around the world to set themselves free from the pain from their past, gain clarity to show up confidently to be seen and to be heard for who they truly are.

Create your dream reality while being the REAL, RAW & DELICIOUS you!


I’m a certified life coach, transformational coach and solution-focused coach and I myself started 3 different business in past 2 years.
I’m a recovered workaholic, over-achiever and someone who constantly kept letting society to lead her path. I’ve let a pain from my childhood to take over my life completely on my journey which caused me suffering from depression and anxiety for years.
Tools and mindset work I’ve implemented while on my healing journey of discovering myself I’m sharing now with my clients all across the globe.

“We are all messed up, but that what is beautiful about us”