3 Steps to more joy, ease & results in your business

How to run your home based business from a place of abundance and ease. In this article I talk about entrepreneurship and tips on how to become more productive and stop treating your business as another hobby of yours. Do you spend time on social media, being visible, creating a killing content but still not experiencing life you desire?

3 Steps to more joy, ease & results in your business

If you do everything right but cannot see any results in your business

I know, your business is your baby. You love it. You look after it and you are giving it most of your attention, because you so want to make it work and make the results you always wanted. You don’t mind to spend hours working on your business and even though you still can’t see the results you are dreaming about you are not giving up.


Let’s be honest before you started this journey you were visualizing it differently, didn’t you?

I see way too many women out there who keep striving for results in their businesses so badly so they forget to live and enjoy the ride.

Why did you start your own business at the first place?

I guess:

You wanted the financial freedom.

You wanted to be able to stay at home with your kids.

You wanted to become your own boss so you don’t have to listen to anyone else telling you what you need to do

You wanted to go and travel….

I’m sure, you know your “why” otherwise you would not be where you are right now.

What would reaching your goals allow you to have more of in your life?

You keep striving for more results because you want your family to see that you mean this for real.

You finally want to go for the holiday you’ve been planning for years.

You want to be able to go out for a meal whenever you want to.

You want to make an impact…

It can be anything. You know deep inside why you want the results you are asking for.

You work crazy hours and whenever you take an evening off you feel bad as you think you should be working. You are tired. You find hard to get up every morning. There is no joy, no excitement just another day in the office. No inspiration.

You get all your tasks done and much more. You think your content through so you attract the right people to you, but nothing happens.

Still no results.

Does this sound like you?

I have something for you girl!

Step 1: Take a step back

Remember your body is your temple. If you don’t look after your body you won’t show up for your audience fully and definitely not in the right energy.

Your energy is everything!

Your energy is what attracts people to you. Your energy is what helps you to create a community of women who fall in love with you and buy from you.

Take the step back and look at your business and your life from a bird eye view.

Ask yourself :

“How much money do I want to be earning every month?”

Get clear on that number and make sure it’s aligned with what you truly want.

“As a person earning XYZ what would I be doing on daily basis in my business? How would I be running my business? Where would I be showing up? How would I look after myself as that next version of me?”

I’m sure you would not be working all days along to make your business work. You would probably have a great daily routine you would follow with ease to make sure you look after your body, your mind and your soul on daily basis, because you know that’s a number 1 priority.

You are the face of your business and your energy is everything.

“In what energy would I be showing up every day? How would I feel on daily basis?”

Again use your imagination. Visualize yourself as the next version of you. See yourself as the woman who makes XYZ a month. 

She feels confident, powerful, unstoppable, limitless…

“What does the energy feel like?”

Imagine her, look at her closely. Capture this moment and remember how it felt.

The secret is you need to show up in this energy on daily basis. The internal shift needs to happen first so the external shift can follow.

You need to start to run your business in a way the future version of you would be running it.

You need to start to live your life the way your future version of you would be living it.

Take time off. I’m sure, the future version of you is not working 24/7.

This journey should be joyful!

Step 2: Create a vision board

I don’t want you to think bigger picture, years ahead at the moment. What I want you to do is to think about the next version of you. Think of the steps she is taking and new habits she is building.

Don’t over-complicate this. Let’s make it simple and easy. 

Grab pen and paper. Make a circle at the middle and write “ME” inside. It is going to look like kind of as a flower or make it your way.

There is no right or wrong.

Draw bubbles around your circle and to every single bubble write tasks the future version of you is taking on daily basis. This can include for instance, creating videos, going LIVE on your social media, content creation, writing a blog post, creating your Pinterest account and also don’t forget to include your self-care routine.

After you are done with your tasks draw more bubbles around the outside. Imagine you are taking these steps on daily basis and you finally create the results you always wanted what will you do with those results? What will you do with all the money you make? 

This can include hiring a coach, investing in a program, going for a holiday, giving it away to charity… It can be anything.

On the same paper if you have a space left. Go and finish off a sentence “I’m the woman who….” with another 20 different empowering endings.

Again imagine you are the next version of you.

For instance:

I’m the woman who makes 5K every month.

I’m the woman who sells with an absolute ease.

I’m the woman who create beautiful relationships online…..

Place this vision board somewhere visible. More often you see it sooner you start taking all the actions you wrote down without even realizing it. It will become your new normal.

Whatever new action you take, new habit you implement into your life always remember be consistent and stick with it. Nothing happens overnight! It takes time.

Allow yourself to have the time to start living the way you always wanted.

OMG, can you imagine to be able to tick off everything on your vision board?

That feels amazing, right?

Step 3: Organize your time

Now you have the tasks you need to be working on in your business. It’s time to start organizing your time and using your calendar properly.

We want to be productive. We don’t want to be working 24/7.


  • Learn to prioritize your work tasks

Look at the list of all tasks you need to be doing to make your business work. Grab a pen and circle ones that are urgent. Urgent tasks mean they will bring money to your business.

For instance if you are deciding between writing a blog post or creating a freebie for your audience to grow your mailing list. Your priority is finishing off your freebie – as building your mailing list will help you to build your community and make selling your programs or products easier.

  • Start working in time blocks

Seriously, this changed the game for me. If you keep telling yourself “I have all morning to finish off my freebie”. Well, I’m sure you will get it done, but really does it have to take you that long? You know deep inside it can be done in an hour or 2 hours so let’s stop wasting your time. Set a timer for an hour and get it done. Focus and be in your work mode.

Work mode means no distraction, no notifications from social media, no checking your emails, no answering phone calls.

You can apply this to all tasks you have to do in your business. Let’s become the productive machine and have more free time to spend with your family and your friends.

Once you slow down and allow your body to take a break that’s when the magic happens. You will wake up every day with excitement and joy and you will enjoy working on your business.

Become the next version of you today!

Only you can choose to become her!

You need to act like her, feel like her, work like her, organize your time like her right now to be able to start seeing all the amazing results in your business you always wanted.

Become the magnet for your audience!

Go and be her today!

You are just one step away from a completely different life.

Much love,

Klara X

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