4 Steps to start living your dream life today!

How to start living your best life yet and follow your purpose? I’m sharing with you steps to take to gain clarity and create a vision that makes you excited daily. Inside you find tips on realizing how special and unique you are to start following your passion and live your fulfilled happy life.

4 Steps to follow to start living your dream life TODAY!

Stop letting society to rule your world!

Remember you are not your thoughts…

If you feel stuck in a job that you don’t enjoy or feel lost in life and you don’t know what is the next step for you to take, if you are worried “Omg, what would people say if I leave my career?” keep reading my friend.

I’ve been there myself last year. I left my job after 5 years. I moved to a different place and I was ready for a new life, new beginnings.

But then..

I got stuck. I couldn’t find myself. I went through 7 different jobs in a space of a month. Yes, 1 month. I kept looking for jobs in hospitality as that’s an industry I’ve worked my whole life. I mean for last 6 years. So I went from one job to another, from one job interview to another. I kept doing this for nearly 2 months until I realized “Maybe I keep looking in a wrong pond.”

Maybe I need to find a whole new pond. So I did…

You need to realize it’s okay to feel lost and not have it figured out at all times.

When you feel lost in life, when you have all these feelings flowing through your body – scarcity of trying something new, you don’t know what next step to take, how to find yourself… It means you are on your way to finding out what it is you actually want to do with your life and that is a huge step forward!

You are willing to make that change in your life and being happy means a world to you!

I feel you and I am here to help you.

Don’t let anyone to ever make you feel bad about you feeling lost or stuck. It’s totally normal.

Steps to help you to figure out what you actually want to do with your own life and stop blaming others for your misery:


Step 1: Take the responsibility for your life

First of all I want you to take a responsibility for your life. I want you to realize that no one will ever come to safe you. It’s your life and you are responsible for your happiness for all the actions you take or don’t take.

You are a powerful creature!

You can create your new normal today!

Only you can decide, you can choose and only you can take the action on it!

Are you with me?


Step 2: Write your story

Look back at your life and write your story. I really recommend you to spend some quality time writing it. Look at all occasions that happened in your life, good and bad. How did they affect you?

By writing your story you are looking for patterns that appeared in your past and that you can see in your life right now.

Now, because you took a responsibility for your life I want you to look at all the bad things all the bad occasions that happen to you in past. How do you feel about them right now?

We always tend to blame others for our struggles. We always tend to look back and say “I’m not great at communicating with others because I grew up in a family when we haven’t talked much about anything, that’s why I’m not open.”

You need to realize you choosing to believe this and as I said you can choose differently.

Yes, maybe that’s the reason why you’re not great at communicating with others or sharing your feelings but isn’t that something you can change if you start working on it today?

Ask yourself:

How am I going to feel about all the bad occasions that happened in my life from now on?

Write down what steps are you going to take to change your beliefs around it. In this case, what can you do to get better at communicating with people? How can you become more confident at sharing your opinions and sharing how you feel with others?

Step 3: Find your passion

Ask yourself: What am I known for? What do you hear people say about you a lot?

For instance, a good friend, the one with crazy hair, a great listener.. It can be anything. Write it all down.

What are you passionate about? What is the job you would do for the rest of your life for free?

You might not know the exact job title, that doesn’t matter. It might be just part of your hobby or your interest. You are trying to find what it is that you actually love to do.

Then go and look back at your story. Can you see any patterns?

For instance:

Maybe you know you would love to work with people. When you look at your story you see you used to love psychology at school, you used to be good at running the sports team or organizing class events. It can be anything.

This is a process and you are trying to look at the bigger picture. That’s why writing a detailed story is crucial.

Write down any patterns you can find.


Step 4: Create your vision

Create your vision. Go and create your vision board.

Where do you see yourself in future? Your vision might be still a little bit blurry, but more you think about it more you start finding all these patterns in your life and your puzzle will become whole.

You have all the answers within you. Deep inside you know what you truly want to do.

Don’t let others people opinion to stop you from living your dream life.

Don’t let scarcity to stop you from saying “hell yes” to your dream!

For some people it can be a crazy dream, for you it’s your future! It’s the way you gonna spend the rest of your life.

We’re not here to get stuck in a job that doesn’t serve us, doesn’t fulfill our needs. We are here to enjoy this ride we call life!

You can change anything you want in your life. You can make that change today!

Are you with me?


I will see you on the other side!

Much love,

Klara X


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