Create your dream reality while being the REAL you!

Set yourself free!

You say:

“I cannot do this”

“I don’t think this can ever happen to me”

“I will do it tomorrow, I am just quite not ready yet”

“I cannot afford this”…

And I say “YOU totally CAN DO/HAVE/BE everything you always wanted”.

Web sayings (4)“We all are messed up and that what is beautiful about us.”

Let me explain.

You are on our own path full of ups and downs and sometimes unexpected turns. You deal with things, you cry, you blame others, you laugh your heart out and you are the person who you are today because of all these circumstances that came your way and because of all the circumstances that haven’t even happened yet.

Those circumstances created the person you are today, they messed you up in some way but they are the reason why you are right where you are right now in this moment.

You are already beautiful and courageous and strong enough to create the life of your dreams. Start leveraging the “mess” once made.

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Let me now tell you a little more about me and who the hell I am.

Klara with K, not with C as I originally come from the Czech Republic.

I left home just after I finished high school at age 19 and have lived in the UK and traveled the world since then.

Web-sayings-4.pngFirst time I came to England I was terrified. The mentality here and the way of living was so different compared to what I was used to. Plus my English wasn’t great that time. I was scared to talk to anyone, because I thought I won’t understand them back or they will just laugh at my English.

But I didn’t give up. From an Au pair earning 70 pounds a week I’ve worked up to an assistant restaurant manager position in 3 Rosette restaurant in a beautiful location. I’ve traveled places I’ve been dreaming about for years and life was pretty damn good.

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For years I thought working in hospitality, working for someone else is what I’m supposed to be doing because everyone else around me was doing it. I believed life is hard. I thought being an expat living in the UK will make building of my career hard.

Better I was getting at my job more I felt like there is more expected from me. There is something else waiting for me. I wanted to become my own boss to be able to take holiday whenever I want to and stop having someone telling me what to do.

Web sayings (4)In 2016 I left job and place I’ve lived for 5 years and decided to start from a zero. I went through 7 different job interviews and trials in a space of 1 month. I felt drained I just couldn’t fight with my inner voice any longer. I simply couldn’t work for anyone else anymore.

I couldn’t find myself. Then I decided to go on this roller coaster ride.

The ticket was for free.

In a space of one year I started two completely different businesses; a mobile coffee van business and a social media consulting business. I was terrified jumping into this new opportunity as I have never done it before – writing a business plan, finding an accountant, applying for a loan.

I was like “Really? Can I actually do this?”.

My fear and need of getting this done were pushing me forward and I managed to do all that and more.

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Web sayings (2)Both businesses I run with my sister Veronika and I mention her name here because she is my hero, who looks after my social media platforms and also my personal photographer. Without her I would never be where I’m today.

Anyhow, our consulting business was never doing well.

Do you want to know why?

Because it wasn’t built with passion, there was no joy, no fulfillment for us. We just purely kept striving for results. It made me feel tired, miserable and depressed.

And all I was craving was to feel ALIVE again!

I’ve studied social media and taken courses. I’ve learnt how to build sales funnels to realize this is not what I want to do.

After that I found myself stuck in the middle of a tunnel again. There was no sights of any light, just me. And in that time in that dark moment (let’s be honest, days) I’ve found myself.

It clicked.

The Universe brought me this idea of coaching, that was at the back for my mind for a while already in that time and it felt like I finally found my calling.

Serving and making impact on peoples lives became my passion something that makes me feel alive every single day.

I’m myself and I don’t try to pretend to be someone else. I’m me, real and beautiful me and that feeling is priceless especially for someone who suffered from depression for years.

Realizing and stepping into my true power allowed me to leave the UK and move back home to Czechia. I sold my mobile coffee van business and also left my partner after 6 years of being together and much more.

I feel the way I want to feel on daily basis and I have never felt more alive and free in my whole life.

I had to dig really deep to find my way back to life, but what a wonderful journey it can be if you allow it to be.

My goal and mission are to inspire women around the globe by sharing my story and to help them to realize that everything they ever wanted is here for them right now in this moment.

Have the COURAGE to say “HELL YES” to your dream and to your life!

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Step into your own POWER

Be unapologetic about your dream

There are no limits

The only limit that can ever stop you from taking the action today is YOU!

Start living on your terms!


It’s your decision! And only you can take the action…