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“Don’t downgrade your dream, upgrade your belief”

                                                                                                            – Noor Hibbert

Growing up in a tiny village in Czechia in a family where we never had much and financial struggle was a real thing, trust me when I tell you, I have always been a HUGE dreamer with a low self-esteem.

My childhood wasn’t easy and you can read more about my story here, but I always knew I am meant for more even though deep inside I was scared and I didn’t believe in myself.

I left home at age 19 and moved to the UK with my sister – my big “american dream” came through.

It was tough let’s be honest – new country, new language and different mentality.

I wouldn’t give up and went through a few different jobs from making pizzas to working as an au pair until I found a job on a tiny island outside of UK coast for me and my sister.

My career was everything for me. We moved to this island, I met a guy, I have built my career in hospitality while earning great money, we have travelled the world by working only 8 months of the year and life was pretty good on the outside.

On the inside I was falling into bits – not enough sleep, long days at work, no routine, not eating well, getting ill all the time, no sex appeal.

“I’ve just got to push through.”

After 5 years of living on this beautiful island we decided to leave. I reached the position at work I wanted since day 1 and I was proud of myself.

This was back in Winter 2016… On my birthday that year when we were traveling through Thailand I found myself feeling completely lost and empty.

I had built my career, I had a boyfriend, I had the money, I was traveling the world and even though on the outside it looked like I have it all I was missing something. I didn’t feel love, fulfillment, I knew I am not happy.

After coming back to the UK and starting at my new “dream job” I realized this feeling inside me was still there – I needed more, I wanted to become my own boss.

And one night changed it all… 

It was spring 2017 I asked my sister “What if we work on our dream coffee place? I will do everything I can to make it happen. Are you with me?”

And she said “yes”.

Even thought we literally had zero to invest in it and had no idea HOW we will make it happen.

3 months later and we were opening our mobile coffee van.

And once again my life was all just about work.

Long working hours, worry, not enough sleep, money issues, comparison, stress, no sex… on the top of that my relationship was falling apart and our bathroom floor where I would curled into a ball and cry turned into my daily routine.

I reached a point when I wanted to give up on life. I was so depressed and constantly feeling anxious. Life felt painful, my body felt like falling apart as I was getting sick all the time. I was so miserable and with all honesty I wasn’t a nice person to be around.

It all felt way to familiar and I thought to myself “I am finally doing something I always wanted to do and this is what I am getting?”

And then one day after a coaching session I was gifted I had this calling, feeling inside me, this inner voice telling me “You are meant for more.”  

I was in so much pain internally no wonder my life was a mess on the outside.

(This was the time when I was already dipping my toes into coaching and personal development and social media work and I could see what a difference it was making in my life and how I was feeling)

Again I went to talk to my sister and told her “I wanna be a coach and I will do everything I can to make it happen.”

Since then I couldn’t look at myself the same way as I used to. I felt different and empowered to change my life, to work on myself to feel happy again.

In Spring 2018, while studying for my coaching certifications and going through my own healing I made a huge decision to break-up with my partner after 6 years of relationship, I decided to sell our mobile coffee van and move back home to Czechia after 8 years of living in the UK later on that year and hired my first coach.


Since then, I have helped women across the world to create their own version of HAPPY by saying a big fat “YES” to their SOUL so they create and live the life they LOVE & deserve!


 I myself met a new love, my relationship with my parents and people that matter to me are stronger than ever before, I work with soul clients, I haven’t been ill for past couple years and most of the time you would find me wandering through Bratislava streets in Slovakia, where I currently live.

Life is beautiful and painful!


You are strong and courageous and sensitive and weak!


And that’s okay as without knowing and experiencing the dark we wouldn’t know how the light feels.


Every coin has 2 sides.


Have you ever experienced private 1:1 coaching? 

Coaching is a craft. It’s a skill I am continuously up-leveling so I can support my clients at high level. I am qualified yet I am forever a student of life, our mind, energy work & healing tools.

Coaching for me is like a fine dining experience. You will never forget the feeling afterwards. Just like fast food will never taste the same, your life will never look the same.

I serve and I create.

If you would like to experience it yourself I invite you to click the button below and message me.