3 blocks that might be holding you back from taking the action TODAY

3 blocks that might be holding you back from taking the action TODAY

The most common blocks I see people have that are stopping them from moving forward and finally start seeing results in their business.

Whatever limiting beliefs you might be having once you look at them, once you realize you have them you are taking the power they have over you away from them.

There is only 1 question left to ask once you take the power away from them “Am I going to let these limiting beliefs to stop me from living my dream life?”

This is a crucial process. You need to admit to yourself that you have these blocks within you to be able to move on. We are not trying to sabotage them. We are looking at them closely and letting them go. This is a process you can apply to any other limiting beliefs and blocks you have.

Whatever we are going through in our life always come down to our mindset whenever you like it or not.

Our mindset is a powerful tool and you can turn into a super powerful creature if you work on your mindset daily.

This doesn’t have to be complicated.

Journaling and practicing gratitude are great tools for you to start asking for what you actually want to attract to your life.

By showing Universe how grateful you are for every little thing that comes your way the Universe will send you more to be grateful for.

The 3 common blocks I come across the most

1. Money block

I see way too many people struggling with their money mindset.  If you are in a business but cannot see the results you always wanted it’s probably because of your money mindset.

People keep repeating they cannot afford this and that. They use their credit cards on daily basis and getting into debt drives them crazy. They think they don’t deserve to receive more money. They work crazy hour to make their business work, but don’t see any results and self-doubt and anxiety kicks in.

Does this speak to you? You need to start digging deep.

Let’s look at your money story.

Go back in time and try to remember the first time you received money as a child, what was the situation at your home?

Did your family use to have money or do you remember struggle?

Write your money story down. Write down everything you can remember about having money, receiving money when you were younger.

How did it make you feel?

You will start to see patterns between past and your actual situation as whatever you have been through as a child you carry on you to your adult life. That’s a job of your subconscious mind. It works like a sponge and when you are little you absorb everything around you with ease. It’s something you have been used to.

It was your normal and your subconscious mind makes you believe that it should be your normal right now as well.

Which is not true. You get to choose. You can create your new normal.

You get to choose if you believe that it’s easy to make money or it must be a struggle, sweat, pot, and tears.

Steps to take:

Reset your money thermostat

Ask yourself and be honest “How much money I want to make this month?”. Don’t play it safe and be truly honest. If you want to make 5K this month, don’t play it safe and only ask for 1K. The amount of money you are asking for must be aligned with want you truly believe and truly want.

Create a relationship with money

Think of money as it would be your new handsome boyfriend. What relationship would you have? Loving, caring, always being here for each other…

Start tracking your money

Write down every day how much you make and how much you spend. Show money that you care and be grateful for every single penny you make on your way.

Money is energy and remember there is enough for all of us. You deserve to be rich, to be wealthy to have everything you always wanted. Just imagine what impact you can make by saying “hell yes” to your dream and taking the action today!

My favorite mantra: “I love money and money loves me.”

2. Counting on a plan B

This is a big one as well. Ask yourself and be totally honest “Are you keep counting on a plan B in your life?”.

Plan B can be anything, for instance, your partner, you keep thinking that this magic will happen and someone will come to save you, your credit card, the ability to borrow money from someone…

This applies to both, your life and your business. We keep doing this without even realizing it. You might be working on your business not seeing any results, but you are not so worried because you know you can still use your credit card or you know your partner has got your back.


You have this idea of changing your career because you don’t enjoy your current job anymore and you finally want to start to do something you always wanted.

Maybe you want to become an international speaker, it can be anything. You keep daydreaming that one day you will be standing on a stage next to all the big names you have been following for a while. But that’s where you get stuck. You keep dreaming and imagining that one day someone will come to to save you. A magic will happen and someone might contact you and say “Hey, do you want to come to our event and speak in front of thousands of people?”.

Well, let me be honest with you. You need to wake up and take responsibility for your life. No one will ever come to save you.

You are the magic. You have the magic within you. Stop waiting for the miracle to happen and become the woman who knows what she wants and she goes for it.

It’s your life, your dream and there are tons of people out there waiting for your magic!

Go and let your light shine brightly!

3. The “amazing” power of our society

The power that society holds over us is shocking. We let society to rule our world without even realizing it. Because society expects us to live in a certain way.

What if you don’t want to follow this society roadmap?

Maybe you are 33 and you really want to leave your job but you keep thinking “Omg, what my partner will think, my parents, my friends…” and I could keep going on and on.

I really want to empower you to have the balls and go and do what you know is best for you, not what you think others think is best for you.

If you are not happy in your job – change it!

If you are 45 and you really want to travel the world – go and do it!

If you have been in your relationship for 6 years, but you know deep inside there is nothing left – do something about it.

Don’t let the “Omg, what will other people say, what they will think…” to stop you from living your dream life.

It’s your life and your decisions and you are free to do anything you want.

Imagine being completely limitless. What would you be doing right now???

Ask yourself “Am I going to let someone else’s opinion to stop me from pursuing my dream?”

You are stronger than you think. You are more powerful than you think.

Have the courage to say “HELL YES” to everything you always wanted. Be the rebel, be the black sheep, be the free spirit!

I don’t want you to get to the state of you saying “I wish I would….”

People might not get you, people might judge you, but at the end of the day always remember it’s your life, your happiness, your joy, your ease, your love you experience on a daily basis just because you decided to go for it and made it happen!

You are a courageous creature and you deserve more!

These are the blocks I see on daily basis. And I also had these blocks myself when I was starting out.

You might have different blocks that are holding you back. It can be you feeling like what you want from life is impossible for you, you keep thinking you are not educated enough, don’t have enough experience.. It can be anything.

To sum up, whatever blocks you have always look at them closely, always dig deep and ask yourself “Are these limiting beliefs actually true?”. I can see people around me building the same career I want to, making the money I want to be making – well, so if you are truly honest with yourself you can see it’s possible.

Always dig deeper.

Go and take the action today and don’t let your blocks, your hang-ups to stop you from living the way you always wanted.

You have the power within you! You are the expert of you!

Much love,

Klara X

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