Coming back to life after hitting rock bottom

What is it like coming back to life after hitting a rock bottom? In this article I’m sharing with you 5 unique stories of women who dared to be vulnerable to openly share their life experiences. Find out what helped them with their recovery and their self-discovery journey, what life challenges they were dealing with. Spread the awareness, empower and inspire each other.

Stories of 5 extraordinary women who hit rock bottom and managed to stand up again

Is hitting rock bottom the new “cool” thing to go through?

The definition of hitting rock bottom says, “it’s when someone reaches the point where he/she is unhappy and without hope that he/she could not feel worse”.

From latest research there are 322 million people worldwide suffering from depressive disorder. I myself suffered from depression my whole life and anxiety is like my best buddy that comes visit occasionally.

But my question is, “Why are there so many people in this world with “broken brain”? And what are the reasons behind “hitting rock bottom” for other people?”

Most people in this world don’t know how to deal with their emotions.

Most people in this world think that their problems are less than other people’s problems so they stop communicating and keep bottling things up for themselves.

And there are so many people who think they’re just not good enough and keep living in their shadow their whole life.

The truth is, we all want to feel good.

Feeling good is the essence of life. We’ve been programmed to go and buy a coffee to make us feel good, to go and have a drink to calm us down after a busy day at work or to have a one night stand to feel pleasure.

We choose quick fixes over self discovery.

We choose to put plasters on our open wounds over healing ourselves.

We choose fast food over healthy choices.

We live in a world where we all want everything NOW. Time seems like this luxurious thing people don’t have enough of.

Have you ever told yourself, “Come on, nobody cares about what I’m going through. People have real problems.”

Listen, nobody taught us to deal with our emotions. It’s like we got given a car to drive without any knowledge about how to possibly move this thing in any way.

So let me share with you stories of  some incredible women who hit rock bottom in their life and were willing to share their experiences with me to empower others.

All stories are unique and different just like we all are.

Miranda Rejoice

Miranda is a Licensed Social Worker (LMSW) and counselor.

“At the age of 15, I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis.  I was put on weekly injections, had to do physical therapy, and was told that this disease could be treated but never cured.  I was told to expect chronic pain for the rest of my life. I was in a tremendous amount of pain and afraid of the future as this diagnosis was new to me and carried a lot of unknowns.  I began to handle my fears and my physical symptoms in an unhealthy way. I began to self-harm as a way to cope with the overwhelming feelings I was having. I understand now just how wrong this was.  After arguments with my family and friends, I went to a counselor and was able to talk with her.”

“When I hit rock bottom there is one thing that keeps me from asking for help and that is myself.”

She studied hard to be able to help individuals in the best way possible but she also knows there are times she needs help herself to have someone to talk to.

She says, I’m an advocate for the vulnerable, a listening ear for those who are alone, and I’m supposed to be the one equipped to provide answers to those who are searching for help.” Just the thought of sharing her problems with her friends who look up to her as their “rock” makes her feel bad. She feels guilty talking about her problems when she can see they are going through their own struggles.

With the help of the counselor, and praying to Jesus, I have been doing very well for years.  I am thankful for having hit rock bottom because now I can help others who are in similar situations.  Because of the blessing of chronic pain and having hit rock bottom, I rely more heavily on my faith. I work hard every day to make the most of each moment, and I have more compassion for others.”

You can follow Miranda here.  


Danica Anne Panganiban

Danica decided to take a break from her job 3 years ago and moved from Philippines first to Malaysia and then to Germany where her family lived back then. She didn’t know what to do with her life. Soon she found out her parents were in a huge debt not even in Germany but back at home in the Philippines as well. She had no idea this was happening “behind the scenes” and she felt depressed from everything that was going on.

What was stopping you from asking for help when you hit rock bottom? Why were you scared to ask for help?

“You’re intelligent, right?”

“This has always been what I kept on hearing from everyone around me. It’s like there’s a rule that I can’t be hurt. I can’t be sad. I always have the answers to everything. I’ve got this. Why not this time?

My ego plus my third world and poor upbringing. Depression is something we make fun of in the Philippines. We have sarcastic jokes for everything even if that humiliates a person and triggers anxiety that can lead to depression and hitting rock bottom.

Now that I am the family breadwinner, I am expected to be strong and have the solution for everything. I am single and childless at 32. I’ve got no one to ask help from. I didn’t want to go to an expert.”

Danica is a beautiful and strong woman who shares her journey of self discovery, embracing flaws and feeding her soul of what sets in on fire on here blog that you can visit here.


Sharon Rolland

Sharron once completely lost her identity when she realized that the “prophet” she believed in her whole life was a scam. Her life foundation broke into pieces. She lost all of her friends and relationships within her family have never been the same.

“I was just falling and falling and didn’t know where to land on. In that moment I wished I could turn time back to the point where I didn’t know about the hard facts.”

She said, “I lost my identity. I didn’t know who I was anymore. Maybe I never knew who I was since I was never allowed to be really me. But I almost cried when a woman asked me this simple question “Who are you?” and I couldn’t find an answer.”

Sharron’s husband was also part of this cult and she helped him to come out.

It took 2 weeks until my husband came out. It was really long and hard 2 weeks. We weren’t allowed to marry outside of this cult so I was really scared what would happen if he would have stayed in it.”

How did you deal with it all?

“I had a friend who helped me to come out and she invited me to a support group on Facebook where there were a lot of women that had come out too. It really helped to get rid of the fear. For some of them it took years before they even put jeans on or cut their hair (both were not allowed). But because of all the support I got I bought my first pair of jeans 7 months later and cut my hair for the first time 10 months later. For me that were the 2 biggest steps to conquer. From then baby steps helped me to become more and more free.”

Let’s celebrate this woman and support her work here.


Barbara Fraile

“I really needed to feel my feelings, but I was 30 then and I’ve never known how to be another way.”

Barbara is a talented soul who creates dog artwork since 2012. Her childhood wasn’t easy and she learned to bottle things up for herself even when she knew she needed help.

“I had grown up with many difficult things going on. A sister who died young and was sick her entire life (17 years) and I did not want to bring on more weight to my parents to carry on. So I learned that anything that happened to me was small compared to what my sister was going on.

After she passed away it took me 7 years to finally accept her death and when I did the first thing I wanted to do was to take off the mask of “I’m strong and I have no feelings and I can do it all alone and I never suffer”. I just knew I could not handle it any more. I collapsed.”

She asked for help in the last minute and she believed she needed a big breakdown to start all over again.

“I got scared with suicidal thoughts. And my dogs saved me. I ran to work that morning and I started crying. That is how I asked for help. Last minute help and I am glad I did. Two years later I am still learning how to ask for help and I am pushing myself to feel more.”

You can find out more about Barbara and the amazing work she does here.


You can see we all have our stories. We all are different. We all come from different parts of this world and we all deal and react to things differently.


We often don’t talk about our problems because we feel ashamed of them.


Sabrina, who I met online was a great example she said, “What gives me the right? In Africa children are dying and all I have are luxurious problems. Nothing really bad ever happened to me. Other people are able to go through this without professional help. I should be able as well”.


And she wouldn’t stop there “What if I get rejected? What shall I tell a stranger? What if I’m not taken seriously? I don’t even know what my problem is”.


But what if you are taken seriously? What if by opening up to a total stranger or your friend will change your life?


Not a single problem is little and pointless if it keeps coming back to you or keeps you awake at night.


It’s fine to not know how to react in certain situations or not react the way you would like to, that’s how you learn.


There is no right or wrong as we all perceive things differently.


The way you act and react to anything in life, it’s just a reflection of your past. You can change the way you view the world by starting to work on yourself and discovering why you are wired the way you are, knowing that you can always rewire yourself.


As I always love to say, “We all are messed up but that what is beautiful about us”.


I hope these stories inspired you and empowered you to realize that we all are different. We all live in our own timelines. We all react and think in a unique way and whenever you hit rock bottom you are not alone.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help or tell someone how you feel because what if that could change your life for good?


Just a note: A massive thank you to all these incredible women who dared to be vulnerable and openly shared their stories to make a difference in this world!


6 thoughts on “Coming back to life after hitting rock bottom

  1. This is a really great post. The women you spoke are really inspirational and have clearly endured hardships that have made them stronger. Everybody’s problems no matter how small or large are relative. Relative to THEIR OWN lives and nobody deserves to be belittled for those problems no matter how insignificant WE might believe them to be.

    I really enjoyed this post…I feel empowered as a woman to power on through…i’ve got my problems, so the message is to face them, talk about them and sort them out with a healthy, clear mindset.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Hi Jen, really appreciate your comment and I’m glad you enjoyed this read! I’m planning to incorporate more people’s life stories in my future posts so keep your eyes peeled:) Thank you Xxx

  2. These snippets were real thought-provokers. Each person described their ‘rock-bottom’ with honesty and gave a different perspective on what they’ve learned and how they’ve grown. Thanks for this post! I’m with you. I believe that the more we all talk about our struggles, the safer, and kinder the world will be.

    1. Hi Angelina, thank you so much for stopping by. I’m really happy you enjoyed these powerful stories Xxx

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