Connect with the Universe

Build trust with the Universe

Let’s create the connection

To create a loving relationship with the Universe or any Higher Power you believe in it is crucial.
I know you have been through struggles and all kinds of obstacles in your life. Maybe someone hurt you and disappointed you so badly that you lost trust in them. You love that person so much though. It truly means a lot for you to rebuild the trust relationship with him/her.
That is a process just like building this trust relationship with the Universe. As you might feel like the Universe disappointed you in life. Maybe you didn’t hit your goals, your holiday was ruined or you missed a train.
Life is no about blaming others for our struggles or for anything we are going through or keep asking “Why Universe, why me?”.
It is about knowing you are right where you supposed to be in your given moment.
It’s about knowing and trusting that the Universe is pointing you the right direction even when you are about to say “Are you kidding me?”.

Here I am sharing with you steps you can implement into your life today to rebuild the trust loving relationship with the Universe if you lost it along the way.


Step 1: Life happens for you not to you

Whatever you are going through good or bad there is always a reason why it is happening.
I know how hard it can sometimes be to see anything good in a situation that might be literally driving you crazy but by saying “I hate you Universe, I don’t deserve this!” you are not making any good for this world and mainly for yourself.
Stop living in a victim mode and take the responsibility for your life. Any ups and downs in your days are here to remind you that you are still alive.
Learn from your mistakes/lessons because that’s how you grow.
Which lead me to my second point.


Step 2: Be grateful

Practice gratitude on daily basis.
Be grateful for all the good but also for all the bad that happens to you. Thanks to this bad experience you have learned so much. It can be a bad break-up, you spilling your coffee in the morning or you missing your flight.
There is always something good in everything that comes your way.
You are the student of life and the Universe is your mentor, your teacher so listen to it and trust the process.
Trust the journey the Universe is taking you on.


Step 3: Watch out your language

You truly receive what you ask for.
I know you might have been in a situation in your life when you were like “I definitely didn’t ask for this”.
The key here is to be specific. It is like you coming to a restaurant and just saying“I will have the chicken please”. The waiter wanders away and the chef in the kitchen is like:
Chef: “Chicken with what?”
Waiter: “She didn’t say.”
Chef: “Ok, well I just cook something up then.”
Then your meal is being served and you are looking at your plate thinking “I didn’t order it”.
I am sure you get the point.
Be specific when asking the Universe what you want. Envision yourself having it, being that person, and live like you are that person already – live your vision from now on.
Also, let me share with you words to use to be more specific and not letting the Universe second-guessing all the time:
Instead of “I want”, “I should”, “I wish” – words that make the Universe think like “Ok, so she wants it, but she doesn’t really believe it”.
Start using words:
I create
I have
I enjoy
I can
I choose
I love
I’m passionate
This was life-changing on my own journey a big time!


Step 4: Deepen the connection with the Universe

Let’s get into space when you totally zoom out no thoughts just you being and breathing.
Yes, you might guess it right – meditation.
If you have never meditated before and your excuse is you can’t stop thinking like whenever you sit down and you close your eyes thoughts keep coming to you and you can’t stop them.
That’s absolutely fine and totally normal.
Meditation is a process that requires you to be patient and it takes time. Don’t rush it. Try 5 minutes today and whenever your mind wanders come back to your breath.
It is about your willingness and you trust the process that it will work for you.
A great mantra to use:
I meditate with absolute ease.

Step 5: Listen to the signs the Universe keeps sending your way

I am sure you have been in a situation when you didn’t do something in a moment when you had this strong feeling like you should do it, but you didn’t listen to that feeling and then you were like “I knew it! I knew I should do it”.
The more you start listening and building awareness of these moments more connected you will feel to your Higher Power.


Step 6: Have a play and envision

Ok, this is the fun part I love so much. This is the proof of if you set your mind on it it will happen.
You can start practicing this in your everyday life and more you do this sooner and easier your trust with the Universe will skyrocket.
I say have a play because this is something that helped me massively to get aware of the power and the relationship with the Universe I was creating.
It can be as simple as envisioning a table in a restaurant on Friday evening when you forgot to book your table. Just by simply imagining the free table in the restaurant knowing it will be there. Set your mind on it and see the place, the table, and have an absolute faith there will be a free table for you.
Or as simple as envisioning a parking space. 
Have a play with this and use your imagination and just build awareness of the Universe in your everyday life.
The Universe has always got your back!
Whatever you might be going through trust the process, have faith, and remember you live in an abundant world where anything is possible.
The Universe wants you to win! It wants you to have it all!
Your job is to allow it to come your way.
Much love,
Klara Xxx


9 thoughts on “Connect with the Universe

  1. I have been trying to be more mindful of the words that come out of my mouth. Recently I have been trying to get more enjoyment out of life and have been hyper focused on working on achieving our goals. In order to break some of the stinking thinking that has plagued me for the last 30 years, I have been very conscious about how I treat myself, our gifts, and the resources that we’ve been blessed with. My words that I say about myself and about our work have been some of the last to get an overhaul. Now, I consider what I am saying when I talk about the work we do and have decided to be consciously mindful to only speak affirming words. Thanks for reminding me of important improvements toward aligning with the universe.

    1. Hi Vox, thank you so much for your comment! I’m happy to hear about your journey and your progress and I’m sure it made a huge impact on your life. What comes from our mouth on daily basis has such a massive effect on our outside world, I’m glad you realized it and working towards your aligned relationship with the Universe, so so powerful X

  2. I love what you said in step 3 that instead of ”I want” is better to say ”I choose”. It really does send out a more positive message instead of feeling of lack when we say that we ”want” something

    1. Hi Ivana, thank you for commenting! The language we use on daily bases is so powerful sometimes we forget how powerful it can actually be to make a little shift Xxx

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