Declutter your online space & let your inner diva shine again

Ways to help you to tidy up your online space. To start your online business you might download tons of freebies and watch hours of webinars when you feel stuck. In this article I talk about the importance of decluttering and organizing your email inbox and your social media followers to embrace yourself.


Declutter your online space & let your inner diva shine again

Emails, social media notifications, likes, follows… WOW, it can get a little bit crazy.

Anytime we declutter even if it’s our wardrobe, our laptop screen or our kitchen cupboard we create a room for something new to come our way.

We somehow feel lighter and open to receive again.

I specifically want to talk about our online space today.

Have you signed up to so many newsletters that your email inbox is screaming “HELP, I’m full”?

All these juicy headlines telling you how to make your first 5K a month or how to sign up clients, blueprints on how to start up your online business etc. Yes, my head is spinning too.

It’s tempting and so easy to fill in your name and email address especially if you’re in a place of still dreaming about this beautiful sounding life everybody around you on social media seem to be living.

I know. I’ve been there.

I used to download every single damn blueprint I would come across. I used to sign up for webinars, I kept downloading e-books and so much more. My inbox was full of it and so was I. I so wanted to live the life of all these people that I got lost in it.

You want to become them, you want to live their life. You want it so badly that even without noticing you end up copying them, you end up losing your uniqueness/yourself in this ever-changing social media world.

If this sounds like you I want you to press a pause for a moment and grab your journal.

Write into your journal or on a piece of a paper list of things you want to be known for.

Don’t think about it too much. Write whatever comes to your mind first. Set a timer, give yourself 2 minutes and brainstorm – ask yourself “What do I want people to know about me?”.

It can be that you are funny, you like to say the f-word a lot, you love coffee or yoga anything that comes to your mind.

I want to bring you back to your core to who you truly are.

After that go and declutter your online space!

Unsubscribe from mailing lists you signed up in the past that doesn’t serve you anymore. Go through your social media profiles and unfollow or unfriend people who don’t bring joy to your life – find your voice again!

Get motivated by people who inspire you, who you adore for what they’ve achieved in their life. This should be a small group of people as you don’t want to get distracted again, 1 to 3 people is enough.

Remember it doesn’t have to be online entrepreneurs. It can be your favorite actress or singer or teacher from the past. Anyone, you look up to.

Do you want to become the entrepreneurial Beyoncé or Madonna?

Go ahead, you totally can!!!

Leverage your uniqueness. Don’t be scared to be yourself as that’s what makes you special!

Much love,

Klara X 

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