Don’t let society to rule your world

How I set myself free from society and comparison. You  live in a world where most of your decisions are let by your subconscious mind until you reach the point when you have enough. Life through at you challenges, you fall and you stand back up. Story of my life that will empower you to move forward today.

Break the rules and set yourself free!

Don’t let society to rule your world

Do you remember when were you little?

When were you this little girl dreaming about your perfect future life? The amazing job you will have, the gorgeous handsome guy you will be with? Everything seemed easy, didn’t it? Even dreaming about all these things were easy and enjoyable.

It was like living in this little bubble and I know it felt safe and good. I always had a big vision, since I was little. I went through school not getting why do I need to learn all this Math and chemical reactions if I seriously never gonna use this information in my life.

I’ve never known what I wanted to do in life. The only thing I knew was I am meant for more than just to sit in the office. I wanted to travel. I wanted to see the world. That’s the way I wanted to learn, by seeing and watching the world around me. You can imagine my head teacher wasn’t really impressed by me.

I didn’t want to follow this society “roadmap”.

I didn’t want to go to the University just for the sake of having a diploma.

I didn’t want to just stay living back at home in the Czech Republic to study, find the guy, get married, have a baby and the dog and build the house.

You know how the story goes.

Yes, it’s absolutely fine for some people to live that way and I don’t judge anyone. We are all free here on this planet to do whatever we feel is right for us. We are all different and we all strive for different things in life.

We all have our own purpose in life.

It’s okay:

It’s okay to not have it figured out at all times. It’s absolutely fine to live the way you always wanted even if now you’re not 100% sure what that means. You will figure it out because deep inside you know anyway.

It’s okay to feel stuck and lost in life and it doesn’t matter if you are 25 or 45.

It’s fine.

When you get to this point when you cannot find yourself you are actually on a way of finding the true you. And that’s beautiful and super powerful.

It’s okay to be the weirdo, the black sheep, the rebel who don’t want to follow this society “roadmap”. It’s your life, your dreams, your desires, your future and only you should be the one who decides how you are going to spend it.

Society is powerful. You hear people telling you:

“Stop dreaming get back on the ground.”

“You are 27 you really should start to think about what you want to do with your life.”

“You know the time is ticking.”

“Are you sure?”

“But you are 53 already.”

And all these comments can make us feel really rubbish. People sometimes don’t realize they are hurting us. They think they are trying to help us. And I want you to think about society comments and judgment in the same way.

It’s the same with this troll, this little voice in your head that tries to protect you at all times. They just try to protect you, keep you safe because they think they know what’s best for you.

The thing is only you know what’s the best for you. Take peoples comments and be thankful for them and then let them go. You decide and only you can choose how you react. Don’t let these judgments to make you question yourself and your actions.

Remember you are the EXPERT of you.

You know the best what’s right and what’s wrong. Yes, sometimes we make wrong decisions, but hey that’s how we learn and grow into this gorgeous amazing beautiful next version of ourselves we are about to unleash to the world.

You are a beautiful creature!

Love yourself just the way you are!

You are so powerful!

And you are here to make difference in this world!

The Universe has got your back.

You are not behind. You are not ahead. You are just where you suppose to be.

Don’t fight your dream. Don’t fight to work on your business. Be happy and make the journey enjoyable, fun and easy.

Much love,

Klara X


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