3 Steps to follow when you feel stuck & anxious

How to calm yourself down when you feel anxious and overwhelmed. As a woman in a business you have days when you feel like being on the top of the world and days when ego, fears and scarcity kick in and you feel stuck in your business and in life in general. Find out tips on how to overcome your anxiety and move on with ease and also ideas you can make part of your daily routine to keep you in a flow.

3 Steps to follow when you feel stuck & anxious

I am sure we all have been there. We keep working on our business and everything seems going well and all the sudden we get lost and stuck. We start questioning ourselves. This little troll in our head, our ego is asking us all these questions “Are you sure?”, “What if..?”, “What will people say?” and I could keep going on and on.

You are not alone. We all have these moments of self-doubt and worry “What if?”

We freak out and we keep re-thinking our message, we go back to check our website and keep changing it and making few little tweaks. You wonder if what you believe in it is the right way forward as you might not be seeing the results you expected just yet.

You cannot stop your thoughts and you feel like your head is about to explode. Anxiety starts to kicking in.

Steps to take to calm down and listen to your second brain, to your gut.

Step 1

Stop whatever you are doing right now. Sit down with your feet on the ground, close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out and repeat this 3 times. Every single time you breathe out say to yourself or out loud “I am loved”. You can use any mantras you like. My other favorite ones are “I am calm”, I am present” or “I am surrounded”.

You need to calm yourself down first.

Step 2

Take your journal or piece of a paper and do a proper brain damp. Write down everything that is in your head. Everything you can think of. Clear the space. Include what you are working on, what is bothering you, where you feel stuck, how do you feel on a daily basis, how is your love life. Truly everything you have in your brain right now put it down on a paper.

Yes, this might take a little bit longer, but you are cleaning up your mess. By doing this you can read through what you wrote, what you have been hiding in your head. You see all the little things you kept in your brain, but didn’t see them because your brain was cluttered.

Look at what you wrote and circle your biggest blocks, your biggest hang-ups, what is bothering you.

For instance, you might write:

“I don’t have enough time to get everything done in my business.”

“I keep showing up on daily basis, but I don’t see any results.”

“I don’t feel inspired.”

Step 3

Think of a solution.

For my given examples:

“I don’t have enough time to get everything done in my business.”

What can you do to change that right now? Maybe you can start scheduling your time and prioritizing your work task. If you only have an hour a day to work on your business make the hour powerful and think ahead what you are going to be working on.

“I keep showing up on daily basis, but I don’t see any results.”

How could you change that right now?

First of all, if this is your case look at how you put yourself out there.

Are you hiding anything?

Have you truly unleashed yourself to your audience?

Are you authentic?

Don’t be scared to go full out and be yourself, that’s how you attract your people. If you are consistent and you feel like you show up like the true you, don’t you worry girl you are just behind the corner.

Please keep up with your consistency and stick with what you are doing right now. You are amazing and you are closer than you think.

“I don’t feel inspired.”

Maybe you wanted to write a blog post, but you don’t know what to write about. You don’t feel inspired at all. I am sure you know your audience well. Get into the head of your followers. 

What are their pain points?

What they would love to read about on a daily basis?

What are their interests?

Where they hang out?

What problems they would love to get solved today?

Write a list of things and pick one and make it a topic of your new blog post.

Whenever you create content for your business, think of your audience in the first place.

These are just a few examples. If you are stuck on “HOW” in your business, for instance, “How can I get more in front of my audience?” or “How can I build my mailing list?”. Again go and grab a pen and paper and think of 15 possible solutions for your “how”.

There is always a solution, once you come up with 15 different possible ways how to solve your “how” problem pick one that you can apply today.

You know deep inside the solutions to your problem and it is super powerful to always grab a pen and paper and see it written down in front of you.

Your brain can get really messy sometimes and cleaning up your mess should be part of your daily routine. When you clean and tidy up your mess you make room for something new. It can be new ideas, a new program you wanted to launch for a while, but because it was stuck underneath all your mess you forgot about it.

A tip for you

Make journaling part of your daily routine to make sure you tidy up your mess every day and avoid these moments of feeling stuck and lost.

As I always say – consistency and stickability is the key!

Have a fab day!

Much love,

Klara X

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