How to find your life purpose

How you can find your life purpose? In this article I'm sharing with you 4 steps that will help you to stop feeling stuck and lost in life to find your purpose and reason why you are here in this world by following your heart and your passion. Tips to guide you on finding your life purpose, learn to trust the process and the effect of society on our personal growth and creating our dream life.

4 steps to find your life purpose

Do you find yourself feeling stuck and lost in life? Do your days fly by and while you are in your 9 to 5 job you can’t stop thinking “Is this what I’m supposed to be doing for the rest of my life”?

Do you feel pressured by the expectations of society – your family, partner, kids? Do you feel like you are too old to even think about this?

I have good news for you, you are not alone.

“Are you willing to give up your lifestyle for a year to create the lifestyle of your dreams?”


Let’s have a look from a generation perspective.

It was maybe fine 20 years ago to go to school, find the perfect guy, get married, buy a house and have a baby, etc. And it’s still fine for some people nowadays. But technology and social media changed the game for us a big time.


Now you can order your Thai takeaway at midnight, you can get a hold of your friends in seconds or do shopping online. Technology rules the world and it opened the doors to so many new possibilities for our society.


We crave different things and feelings.


We can hear all about the wisdom that’s been here for years but nobody was talking about it. Nowadays it’s available to you everywhere.


Life is starting to make more sense to you. It feels like it’s not just about the job and paying your bills and securing your family. You want more.


You want to do what sparks the joy inside you every single day and makes you to feel the way you want to feel on a daily basis.


I’ve been there and my heart goes to you. After years of working in hospitality in different country and traveling the world in winters I was ready for a change.


I moved places and found a job in another town thinking I was following my passion that working in hospitality is my purpose. Until I realized I couldn’t be further from my true calling.


Depression, anxiety and feeling like the biggest failure accompanied me on my journey but thanks to them I’m here today doing what I love.


Let me share with you 4 steps you can implement into your life today to start living more purposefully.


Step 1 Talk people


Often a missed point.


If you are feeling lost and stuck right now trying to get out of your default mode tell someone. It can be anyone but just talk. I can’t stress this enough. Don’t feel ashamed for feeling lost. Don’t judge yourself and your thoughts. Your thoughts are your superpower. Talk to a stranger or your partner, friend anyone really.


“What if they don’t get me?”


That’s possible, but the point is to get it out of your system.


Step 2 Take action


Little action at a time. Step by step. Nothing happens overnight, but if you start taking action today can you imagine where you can be tomorrow?


Just imagine walking from one town to another. If you start today you are only getting closer to the next town. You might not know the direction, but trust the journey and your instincts that you are heading in the right direction.


If your close people don’t want to listen to your thoughts go online and connect with people who went through these changes. There are tons of people in this online space who will get you.


Again, it’s all about taking actions and not letting victim mode “Nobody gets me, no one listens to me” to take over your life, or start a blog and write or do videos.


Step 3 What sparks the joy inside you?


What do you love to do? You don’t know? No a problem ask the little you “What did I use to enjoy when I was little at school, after school..?”


Sometimes we need to dig deep to find our lost passion.


Don’t be afraid to dig deep and visit the little you. Whatever you have been through when you were a child there was a reason why.


When I looked back and visited the little me I realized I used to be so passionate about writing and used to write a lot. I used to enjoy psychology classes at high school.


Did I pay attention to this back then? No way. But it was there for a reason as I can see now.


Step 4 Love your NOW


People often get fixated on their future or they keep complaining about their life they are living at the moment. You need to fall in love with what you have right now to receive more good to come your way.


Stop over thinking and over complicating your future and trust that you are truly right where you are supposed to be, not ahead not behind.


Fall in love with your NOW.


You are enough and life loves you. Even if you are not feeling it right now, it’s true.


Go and visit your past and look at what good ever happened to you. “Nothing good ever happened to me.” Really? You woke up today, you have a roof above your head, you have a fresh air to breathe every single day.


Don’t let fears and scarcity to stop you from following your heart. They are just those scary characters like from a horror movie that are here to freak you out but you know that they are not real. Imagine them without the masks.


We all are born into this world with a purpose. Finding out true purpose can take some time. Some people find it in their 20’s others in their 50’s it doesn’t matter. Sooner you realize that you are here for a reason sooner you start enjoying this journey and find your true purpose.


Cheers to your new purposeful life that you are setting on today.


12 thoughts on “How to find your life purpose

  1. I was at a point in my life when I didn’t feel like I had a purpose. I actually did some of the things you suggested and ending up finding something I am passionate about and now I have purpose again!

  2. Glad to know your profile:)
    In theory I cancelled my job years ago. Getting active, cancelling my job and beeing able to search for my purpose and what really brings me joy now feels so good.

  3. Talk, action, joy and enjoy. A simple but thought provoking list. A lot of times we don’t share our ideas with others and they simply stay dormant, so that is a great way to get #2 take action going. Sometimes we we don’t know what sparks joy until we get out there and try things and we should definitely enjoy the journey.

    1. Thank you for commenting Kristen really appreciate that! Exactly, it’s about going out there trying different things and finding that something that sparks the joy inside us while feeling joyful already:)

  4. Klara,
    You mentioned two of the biggest obstacles that people face these days. Finding passion and joy, and living in the NOW. These things just don’t get taught anymore. Society is moving away from values and toward a 24/7 society that expects things at a moments notice. You are not taught to look within to find what the heart wants, or to just be still in the moment and experience it. I am so glad you found your passion. I enjoy your posts and IG.

    1. Thank you so much Shar for commenting! This is so true, society programmed us certain way and just finding and seeing that there is another way is something that’s everyone’s choice, but I totally believe that if we would get taught this back at school many people’s lives would be much much different. I have a younger brother and I’m so glad that I can talk about these things with him as grades at school don’t define your worth Xxx

  5. Great post! Sometimes it takes a while to find that spark that makes you happy. I also like that you mentioned living in the moment, that’s something I need to work on more.

    1. Hi Cynthia thank you for stopping by! Happy to hear you could relate to my post, living in the moment and become more aware of ourselves is super powerful Xxx

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