Make a Change in Your Life with Ease

7 Steps to Make a Change in Your Life with Ease

1. Look at where you are now and where you actually want to be

If you want to make a change in your life it’s always great to have a look first where you actually are right now.


This goes to any area of your life.
Are you planning to change the way you run your business? Where are you right now within your business?
Are you planning to make changes in your relationship with your partner? Where are you right now within your relationship?
By looking at where you are right now you also find what you don’t like and realize why this change is important for you.
This will evoke emotions in you. You go and use these emotions to see where you actually want to go.


What direction are you going? What changes do you know you need to make to be that person you want to be?


2. Make a little change a big priority

Whenever you are making any changes in your life make a little change a big priority. This will help you to overcome overwhelm, anxiety, and sleepless nights.
Take your next steps in regards to your body as your body is your temple.
If you have this amazing opportunity to take some extra work on you think of your body first.


How it will handle that extra pressure? How can I get my body ready for this extra work?
Maybe you will need to change your morning routine a little or cancel your gym session in the evenings, but if you do that you need to find other ways to show your body that you care.
Your body will always react to any change you implement into your life and I just want you to keep that in your mind.


3. Allow yourself the time to heal

You can’t put a plaster on an opened wound.
I know you might be like “Sure I can”. Absolutely you can, but it won’t help you to heal. The plaster will sooner or later come off and you will end up only hurting yourself more.
Whatever you are going through on your journey, if it’s a break-up, divorce, death, your business not succeeding, depression gives yourself a time to heal.
Don’t rush the process these are big changes in your life.


All negative experiences in your life are like scars on your body.
When someone asks you “What is the one thing you remember from last year?”
The first thing that pops in your head is usually the negative one, for instance, I lost my job, I missed my flight to France, it was raining on my wedding day, I broke up with my boyfriend, etc.


This is the way you have been programmed and only you can change that.
Give yourself the time to heal and feel whatever feelings are bubbling up for you. Cry if you need to, laugh if you need to, or go outside and scream if that’s what you feel like you need to do. You know yourself the best.
Don’t try to push your feelings away and keep saying “I’m fine” if you are not.
Feel them through your body and then move on knowing that the scar is there, but it’s not an opened wound anymore.


4. Build a soul-aligned daily routine for yourself

I’m saying soul-aligned as I don’t want you to overthink this. Your daily routine, either it’s your morning or evening routine is yours so make it work for yourself.
If you only have 15 minutes every morning for yourself before everybody gets up and your house turns into a battlefield that’s totally fine.
Just take those 15 minutes and make the most out of it.
Or maybe you know you could get up earlier every day and that would give you 30 minutes in total just for yourself.
Don’t try to over-complicate this. 
A great, simple daily routine can make a big impact on your life. It can support you massively when you go through any kind of change.
You deserve some “me time”.


5. Reconnect with the Higher Power

You are supported. Whatever you are going through right now or in the future, you are never in this alone.
The Universe has always got your back, or any other Higher Power you believe in.
You can find more about reconnecting with your Higher Power in this article – Reconnect with the Universe.

6. Practise gratitude

If you are grateful for all that you already have you receive more to be grateful for.
Concentrating your energy on gratitude will help you to expand and open doors to new possibilities you might not even know are possible for you.
Anything you can imagine you can totally create so please never doubt the power of your own thoughts.
How can you start?
Make gratitude part of your daily routine. Write a gratitude journal or simply say out loud what you are grateful for or think about it to yourself.
Be grateful for all the good, bad, and the not even yet appeared in your life.
Boost your gratitude by saying why you are actually grateful for it.
I’m grateful for the roof above my head because it makes me feel safe.


7. Love yourself #always

Self-Love is a muscle you need to be working on every single day.
It’s about loving and nourishing your mind, your body, and your soul. You are a beautiful complex and it’s time for you to own it and own who you truly are with all your imperfections as that’s when you are the most powerful.
That’s why having an amazing soul-aligned daily routine can support you big time at creating and working on your self-love muscle.
Self-love is mainly about your inner world. Whatever is going on inside you imprints onto your outside world. However, you perceive how people talk about you or around you all affect how you see yourself.
I hope these steps will help you to start making changes in your life with ease. They are also the steps that will help you to rewire your brain to help you to start building awareness of yourself.
You have been wired a certain way on your journey and you have the power in your hands to rewire again and step into the powerful version of yourself.
Klara X


10 thoughts on “Make a Change in Your Life with Ease

  1. I love the gratitude tip! Being grateful for what I already have has changed my outlook on life so much. And it’s so true what you said about making a small change a big priority!

    1. Hi Karina, I’m happy to hear you enjoyed this read and found bits that resonates with you, that’s amazing! Thank you for being here Xxx

  2. This is just on point and needed badly. I guess accepting that one is not happy where life is bringing her and making the consious effort to make little changes will make a big difference

    1. Hi Danica! So glad to hear that this post came to you in right time. It’s all about those little changes that will eventually make the biggest impact on our lives. Have an amazing day! Thank you for being here X

    1. Hi Carla! Oh, absolutely. You’re a team and you are never in this alone. The Universe has always got your back and everything happens for a reason Xxx

    1. Hi Mikki, thank you for being here. The healing part is super important and ignored by most people, glad to hear you enjoyed my latest read X

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