Master your day to master your life

7 steps to create a healthy life you love to wake up to on daily basis. Learn how to rewire your brain effectively and make long-lasting changes in your life and tips on how to create new habits  with excitement and passion. Where do your body, mind and soul stand in this process?

Create the life of your dreams

Master your day to master your life

Building your business and creating your dream life is like building a house. First you build the basement and then you keep adding floors. One, two and more. But you need your house to have a foundation first.

It is the same with our lives. I used to live for way too long without having a foundation. To be able to stand on something to keep me off the ground.

And you know, I was doing pretty well for a while until life threw at me challenges that I wasn’t able to handle anymore.

For me it was getting into debt after I started my new business in 2017, feeling like the biggest failure in the world. I got depressed. I’ve suffered from depression my whole life, but this was something totally different.

These dark days full of pain, when you feel like someone is slapping you in the face all day along. These days turn into weeks and soon you cannot even recognize yourself anymore.

For you it can be a break-up, you becoming a new mum, you losing people from your life or changing a diet. Anything can shake with you if you are not prepared for it.

That’s why building a strong foundation should be part of us all. I’ve built my foundation because the Universe didn’t want me to give up. It gave me a second chance and I took it and I’m forever grateful.

Getting out of depression or anxiety is a process. I often compare it to getting out of an addiction. To stay clean you need to follow a certain process and stick with it. You need to work on yourself every single day. People who won’t stick with it you often see falling back into their addiction, falling back into their old habits. 

It’s the same with depression and anxiety. I know I need to work on myself every single day. Not every day is perfect, but when life throws at me challenges I know now what I need to do to get back on track.

And I want you to learn to do the same.

Way too often I see coaches and other online entrepreneurs reaching their goals – making 5K, 10K and more every month feeling stuck and overwhelmed. Don’t take me wrong, feeling overwhelmed is part of our entrepreneurial life, but getting back on track as quickly as possible can be freaking awesome and powerful.

You deserve to be happy to live your life the way you always wanted to be loved!

The 7 pillars that created the foundation of my life and my business. Implement them into your life, make them your own and finally start living the life you always wanted and you so desire.

1. Daily routine

This includes creating your morning routine and evening routine as well. I’ve found evening routine to be often underestimated, but the power of a great evening routine is priceless.

Create habits, which you are going to follow on daily basis. I’m sure you would never leave a house in the morning without brushing your teeth.

Make your habits non-negotiable and mainly stick with them.

Don’t try to over-complicate it, make it simple. You don’t have to spend 2 hours a day working on yourself. It can be 15 minutes or half an hour. I know we all live busy lives. Make it work for yourself and don’t let it to create extra stress for you.

2. Mindset work

Let’s make mindset work part of your daily routine, part of your daily habits. This can include journaling, imagination, visualization etc. Mindset work plays a massive part of my life.

What you set your mind on, that’s what you attract. Think of things you want to attract to your life no what you don’t want. I know sounds like a simple thing, but many people still keep getting it wrong.

Remember the Universe is abundant and there is enough for all of us!

Leverage the amazing Law of Attraction!

Be very specific about what you desire in your life – who you want to become, how do you want to feel, where do you want to be. Imagine yourself to be the next version of yourself, be her and feel like her right now.

Don’t let fears to stop you.

Acknowledge your fears and take them with you on this amazing journey. Always remember we’re not trying to do things fearlessly, but having the fear and doing it anyway.

Practise your mindset work as often a day as you can. More often you do it sooner it will stick with you and the more fulfilled life you get to live

3. Learn to listen to your body

Your body knows the best and I want you to get that into your head. Learning to listen to your body made a massive difference to my life. If your body needs a break allow yourself to take a break.

Your body carries you everywhere you go. It manages to do multiple things at once. It’s fine to be tired, to feel sleepy or to feel out of energy.

Once you build your daily routine you will notice your body will require you to stop less and you won’t feel drain as often as you might be feeling now.

Allow yourself to take a break when your body tells you. Learn to communicate with your body otherwise you end up hurting yourself and people around you.

Your body is your temple!

4. You are what you eat

I’m sure you’ve seen this saying many times. I will be honest with you a few years ago I didn’t care what I was eating. I would just eat anything to fill my belly to keep myself happy.

I really got into healthy eating in winter 2016. I was just interested. I watched this documentary on Netflix “Cowspiracy” which I highly recommend and I needed to know more. I needed to know the truth. This document explores the impact of agriculture on our environment and investigates the policies of environmental organizations on this issue.

I started to read other books about healthy eating and about what doctors don’t tell us. I was well amazed and started to experiment with myself.

Nowadays I’m on my way to veganism and I’ve never felt better. I rarely feel bloated, my weight hasn’t changed since then and I’m not kidding. I don’t experience mood swings and I don’t feel exhausted all the time as I used to.

I’m aware this will be different for everyone, but go ahead and experiment with your body. For instance, for a week keep writing down what you eat and how do you feel after each meal. Find out what doesn’t work for you and make changes to your diet. Make it fun and don’t try to make big changes at once.

5. Unclutter

Go and tidy up your wardrobe, your desk, your inbox and get rid of anything that doesn’t serve you anymore. Clean your whole house if you need to and make room for something new. We often live in a cluttered world where there is no space for anything else.

Go and tidy up your mess.

6. Surround yourself with people you love

I know it makes sense to do that, but sometimes we keep surrounding ourselves with people that suck the energy out of us without even knowing.

I used to be terrible at this. If you like to please everyone all the time I’m telling you – stop it right now.

Yes, I also talk about social media. If there are people you follow and their posts or the actual fact that you probably met that person only once in your life irritates you, go and delete them or block them they will never find out.

Don’t feel bad about it, technically they’re not your friends. Surround yourself with people you love, people who bring joy into your life and make you feel the way you want to feel.

7. Schedule your time and prioritize your tasks

Scheduling your time properly and effectively should play an important part in your life. Once you start scheduling your time effectively that’s the moment when you stop treating your business as this beautiful hobby of yours.

Your business is not just a hobby and you’re not just someone having fun. You’re the boss. Take control over your time.

Prioritize your work tasks so when you sit down to work on your business you know exactly what task you are going to be working on. Stop wasting your time.

Your time is precious and so you are.

These are the 7 pillars of my life. They are the foundation of my life and my business.

I made these changes in my life because it felt right. Once you start working on yourself, once you truly believe, you truly own your body and your mind, your thoughts you will be able to get to this state when you OWN it ALL – state when you are in an absolute flow.

And of course things happen and challenges come our way, but how we react to things is everything and once you build your foundation you will be able to deal with external and internal challenges so much easier.

Go through every single day without the need of pressing the replay button.

You can do this! I believe in you!

Much love,

Klara X

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