How to move past your fears

Ways to overcome your fears and step out of your comfort zone. I know woman you have a vision or call it a plan for your life or maybe you’re still finding your passion. There will be challenges on your way to pursue your dream. Find out how to deal with your scarcity and ego.

How to overcome your fears with ease

Moving past fears

You haven’t come this far to just come this far

Whatever you are going through in your life right now it’s not your final destination. It never is. It’s never about the destination but about the journey about the process. You came to this world like this little bundle of happiness, joy, love, hope and excitement but somehow you let the outside world to rule your life.

When we were little we used to get asked “What is your dream job?”. And people listened to what we had to say. They wanted to know more about it. Their faces were full of “wows” and excitement, which made you feel like it’s all possible.

Once you grew up have you noticed the question changed to “What do you do for living?” But living is not only about being able to pay our rent and our bills and food to fill our fridges with. The word living is made of a word “live”.

How do you live every single day?

Do you live up to your desires?

Do you live your truth?

Do you actually feel like you live or do you drag your body through every single day just because you have to?

You shouldn’t be doing things just because you have to, but because you choose to.

What do you want to do for the rest of your life? How do you want to live every single day? Where do you want to live?

What are you choosing?

Ask yourself these questions and be truly honest with yourself. Start this conversation with your own mind. You know what you want to do with your life and if not try and do different things to find out your true passion.


Our main intention is to keep moving forward. Keep moving forward and do whatever it takes to bring us to our dream life. Staying still is not the answer. Hustling a million things at once and not seeing results is not the answer either it’s still you staying still.


Because you know what you truly need to do, you know what the next step for you is, but it feels so scary that you keep letting it to rule your world and you keep running around like a lost little puppy from one thing to another.

I’m saying this with so much love and understanding as that’s exactly what I used to do. And the most powerful question you can ask yourself in this scenario is “Why am I still keep hiding?”

Behind every single dream, there are fears, our limiting beliefs. There is our ego as well trying to tell us differently.

Let me tell you a story:

When I was little I used to be such a great skier. I loved skiing and I couldn’t wait every Winter to put my boots out to walk like a penguin and hit the mountains. I used to be really good at it as well and had so much fun with my sister. Then I skipped few Winters and after few years I put my skies on trying to ski again and I lost it.

I felt so scared to go down the hill. I imagined the worst case scenario of me going down the hill breaking my legs and not being able to walk again in my life and since then I wouldn’t go skiing ever again.

This is just an example of me letting my fears to take over my life. I’m just sharing this here with you to show you how we keep letting our thoughts and imagination to stop us from doing what we want to be doing. We keep letting this imaginary vision we create in our heads to stop us and keep us still.

How ridiculous is that?

We keep letting what we think that other people think of us to rule our world.

What about you finally giving yourself permission to start living your life instead of just making a living?

We are not trying to do things fearlessly, but acknowledging our fears and taking them on this journey with us. Start building a relationship with your fears and talk to them, unwrap them.

When I was standing at the top of the hill and was looking down my biggest fear was this hill and me feeling scared of falling down, of people looking at me and laughing at my skiing skills.

The question I would ask myself today would be “So what if I fall?” Ok, I can fall and hurt myself, which would allow me to stay out of school for a bit maybe (no judgment here:)), “What if people will laugh at me?” Well, do I actually care about what others think of me? So they laugh and that’s not my problem but theirs.

By unwrapping and talking to your fear you find out it’s not actually such a scary thing at all and you will get more comfortable in taking action. Fears, our limiting beliefs our ego they all are here to just protect us.

Imagine them like individuals outside of your body like your bodyguards like your personal army that is trying to keep you safe. What you need to be careful though is to realize when they trying to protect you and when they are trying to pull you down.

Start this conversation, face your fear, talk to it and move forward.

You are an amazing creature with so much potential. You deserve to start living again. Start living in a way that feels exciting, that is enjoyable, filled with love and passion.

Go and take the action today! Remember only you can do it and OMG you have a whole army that will protect you on your journey.

How amazing is that?

Much love,

Klara X

18 thoughts on “How to move past your fears

  1. Your words feel like a warm blanket in this cold, dark, winter day. Your words are so moving I felt invincible for a second. Cheers to proving that fear is a liar! =)

    1. Hi Danica, thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy my read. Fears are liars we often end up listen to, but it’s time to listen and go for it anyway:) We all are meant for so much more Xxx

    1. Hi Kat, thank you so much for your kind words. I’m glad you found encouragement in my post! Means a lot to me X

    1. Wow Michele thank you so much for your comment. I hope it will help you to face your fears and mainly look at your fears from different perspective. It’s truly your personal army that is here to only protect you Xxx

  2. So many people allow fear to hold them back from the life they truly want and end up with a second best life. It’s so unfortunate. Instead of being immobilized by fear, we should come up with a plan to conquer anything life throws at us. That way, if we do end up failing, we know we did everything we could.

    1. It’s crazy and most people don’t even realize their fears until someone point it out for them. For me on my journey was important to realize that life happens for me not to me and that whenever I fail it actually means I grow and the Universe is just trying to point me the right direction Xxx

  3. Great post! It’s crazy how our own creative minds can make up stories that keep us from living life to its fullest. We need to learn to let go and take action!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Judy @sensibledove

  4. Great post and wonderful suggestions. We think similarly on how to handle fears. It really is tough when we let our minds play these games. It’s a great moment when we can find our brave, feel the fear and do it anyway!

    1. Thank you so much Karen X It’s a great fun actually once you keep paying attention to when it happens, when those fears creeps in and you are right away “hey, you again I’m doing it anyway”:) always makes me giggle:)

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