How to stop comparing yourself

How to stop comparing yourself

You are enough!


Do you ever catch yourself looking at those people who are more than you and have more than you – money, fame, look, the number of followers, or whatever? The trigger is real. Comparison to others. It gets you thinking – I’m behind, I’m not good enough, I should lose a few pounds, I should be growing my following, etc.


In a world where social media influences most of our population we often feel like tiny bread crumbs on a floor.


You see your friend’s profile on Instagram and from her pictures you assume her life is all sparkles and unicorns. Even though she might be crawling through mud at the moment.


The comparison doesn’t serve anyone. If we constantly compare ourselves to others either if it’s in our business or to what someone else is wearing. We waste our precious energy by focusing on other people’s lives rather than our own.


By comparing yourself you are bringing more stress into your life and your confidence is decreasing and often it also leads to depression.


We look at others because we have the need to evaluate ourselves. We’ve been programmed this way.


We often fall into the trap of actually resembling the person we are comparing ourselves to without even realizing it.


Comparison takes away your happiness and keeps pulling you away from your dream life.


“You don’t grow your own grass if you keep focusing on your neighbor’s lawn.”

How to stop comparing yourself to others?


Realize you live in your own time line

First of all, realize we all live in our own timeline and you are right where you supposed to be.


If you are 45 and you are just starting your own business or you want to wear this gorgeous short dress but you feel like you are too old to do any of these 2 things you couldn’t be further from the truth.


You might be looking at those 23 years old entrepreneurs who are nailing it and probably wearing the dress you have right in front of you. The thought of “I wish that would be me” or “I wish I started my business years ago” start creeping in, right?


The only person gaining anything in that moment is that 23 year old chick you are staring at.


You are right where you supposed to be – not ahead not behind, never doubt that.


Recall your past experiences


Second of all, go and write a list of things you have achieved in your life.


Big or small? Include them all.


Bad or good? Include them all.


Good things made you happy and made you memories. Bad things were those lessons without the good things wouldn’t even happened.


Also, don’t forget to be grateful for everything that happened to you on your journey thus far. Every single little thing brought you into this moment you are living right now. Even if you are experiencing one of those lower days trust the process. It’s taking you the right direction.


What does success means to you?


Third of all, go and define your success.


What actually success means to you? Success just like happiness or love means different things for every single one of us. You can’t keep measuring your success to someone else’s.


The way you measure your success is unique to you.


You are creating your own reality with every single thought you are sending out to this world.


Do you want to stop walking through a mud?


Start watering your own grass, because that’s the one you will be walking on for the rest of your life.


Look up to people and admire them for what they have achieved in their life.




Whenever you catch yourself falling into comparison pause for a moment.


Get aware of it. Dig deep and find out where this is coming from.


If it keeps triggering you and it’s someone online go and unfollow that person.


If this happens to you in real life be aware of it and don’t see that person too often.


Or if it’s someone really close to you keep repeating to yourself as often as you can what success means to you and read through the list of things you have actually achieved in our life every day until it sticks with you.


Rewiring your brain takes time. Allow yourself time.


Whatever you do you always do it for yourself.


Everything about you is unique to this world. You are one of a kind gift and you don’t need to compare yourself to anyone on your journey.


The only time when comparing is powerful is when you are comparing yourself to the you who you were yesterday.




Klara Xxx


10 thoughts on “How to stop comparing yourself

  1. Noted. 🙂 it is such a delight reading this today. It made me feel that you are right there beside me patting my back while telling me all those beautiful words. 🙂

  2. This is so true! It’s so hard not to compare yourself to others, but it’s the only way to be happy about your own life. Whenever I fall into the comparison trap, I try to remind myself that I would have never gotten to this point in my life if I didn’t go through all my past experiences, and that everything happened for a reason. And it’s nice to remember that we don’t really know what’s really going on in a person’s life. They might look successful, but that doesn’t mean that they’re as perfect as they seem to be.

    1. Thank you for being here Karina! Absolutely! Letting go of comparison is truly freeing. It’s a process and we fall back time to time but it’s about the inner work and realizing in that moment of comparison that we’re actually comparing ourselves and deciding to not give it the energy.

  3. Not feeling like you are enough is probably one of the most common reason for unhealthy minds today. I used to feel like I wasn’t enough until it came into my conscious awareness. I didn’t want my children to ever feel that way so I stopped modelling that type of behavior at home. No more weighing myself, no more avoiding photos or stressing over a bad photo. Thank you for sharing this post. More people need to hear this message because its true. We are all enough!!

    1. That’s so beautiful Louise! I’m so happy for you taking control over your life and building this awareness within yourself! It’s so super powerful! Thank you for sharing a little bit of your story here with us! Much appreciated! Xxx

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