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If you:

  • are feeling lost and stuck, doing all the right things, but still not seeing the results you always wanted
  • want to gain clarity
  • you are tired of living in this "running around like a lost little puppy" mode
  • keep comparing yourself to others
  • are sick of downloading all kinds of blueprints and watching webinars
  • feel that by achieving XYZ you will feel the way you so want to feel today (now in this moment)


You know you have a magic inside you. You know you are freaking special extraordinary human being that deserves her best and being your best is what you truly desire in your core.

You once had this fire inside you when the world seemed like the most stunning place to be, you felt like anything is possible, you felt joy, happiness, love and excitement.

Let's light up this fire inside you again. It's still there within you gorgeous!

"My experience with Klara was amazing. Mainly, it felt like the Universe sent her my way exactly when I needed it. Every single time I look back it feels so magical. She helped me to see my greatness I’ve already had within me but couldn’t see anymore. Before my coaching experience with Klara I was seeing myself as an ordinary girl who is not special or unique in any way. She helped me to believe in myself and I feel so much more confident and since then I was able to land a new amazing job I’m super excited about!" 

- Varsha Maddali, works for HCL Technologies

"Thank you Klara so much for showing me the importance of being me and running my business in that way. You caught me up on my BS and truly you dig deep if you feel like there is more to discover and I loved that. Since then I was able to publish my workbook on Amazon and I also opened doors to my new meditation experience."

- Denise Silva, Empowerment coach

"Klara thank you again for the amazing work that you do! Working with you was simply incredible. I really do feel like you've broken through the cocoon I've been squished in, even though my wings were ready to fly. What a journey this has been. I feel so much more confident than ever before in my business. You are a blessing to the world, Klara, thank you for reminding me that I am too. 

Infinite love and appreciation!"

- Jennifer Rae, Spiritual & Life Purpose Coach

Who am I:)?

My name is Klara.

Czech, traveler, coffee lover and passionate yogi.

I am a confidence & business coach for visionary women entrepreneurs, who are ready to unleash their greatness to create results and make the impact they have been craving for years while staying true to themselves.

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