selflove journey

Self-love Reboot

Create the KNOW-LOVE-TRUST relationship with yourself

Self-love is a muscle you work on every day
Self-love is the key in manifesting your desires
Self-love is about nourishing your body, your mind and your soul

You won't find LOVE outside you. It's already within you in this moment right now.


Fall in love with yourself again

A little bit about me:
Hi beautiful,
My name is Klara,
I've come a long way myself. Over a year ago I used to hate myself and hate life in general. I wasn't looking after myself at all. I was an overworked wreck and I truly felt like I'm losing in this game of living.
I didn't and today I'm super excited to be inviting you on this journey of self love reboot.

Let's light this fire inside you again and raise your VIBRATION and the ENERGY you put out there in the world on daily basis to help you to manifest the life of your dreams.

You deserve this gorgeous

Do it for the love!

JOIN SELF-LOVE REBOOT this time only for €47

(usual price €97)



4 video trainings to guide you on your way to self love. Let's rewire your mind and fall in love with yourself again.



What you can imagine you can create. Also, journaling prompts and exercises to support you on your way of self love reboot.



Life time access and your own log in details so you can come back for more love whenever needed.

"Klara thank you again for the amazing work that you do! Working with you was simply incredible. I really do feel like you've broken through the cocoon I've been squished in, even though my wings were ready to fly. What a journey this has been. I feel so much more confident than ever before in my business. You are a blessing to the world, Klara, thank you for reminding me that I am too. 

Infinite love and appreciation!"

- Jennifer Rae, Spiritual & Life Purpose Coach

"My experience with Klara was amazing. Mainly, it felt like the Universe sent her my way exactly when I needed it. Every single time I look back it feels so magical. She helped me to see my greatness I’ve already had within me but couldn’t see anymore. Before my coaching experience with Klara I was seeing myself as an ordinary girl who is not special or unique in any way. She helped me to believe in myself and I feel so much more confident and since then I was able to land a new amazing job I’m super excited about!" 

- Varsha Maddali, works for HCL Technologies

"Thank you Klara so much for showing me the importance of being me and running my business in that way. You caught me up on my BS and truly you dig deep if you feel like there is more to discover and I loved that. Since then I was able to publish my workbook on Amazon and I also opened doors to my new meditation experience."

- Denise Silva, Empowerment coach


(usual price €97)