Stop trying to be someone else – Own who you are!


Stop trying to be someone else – Own who you are!


Do you often feel like you are not good enough? 
Have you ever been told you are not pretty enough, smart enough, tall enough? Do you feel like you work hard, try-hard, you do your best but still find it impossible to give yourself a credit? Do you tend to think that somehow you should be better, do more but you keep beating yourself up as you can’t ever measure up to this perfect version of yourself that you created in your mind?
I was 8 or 9 years old when I created a piece of art and entered an art competition to be told by judges “You couldn’t make that on your own.”
I was disqualified because other people made an assumption of my ability to create. Still remember that feeling I had inside me “Why should I bother, whatever I do is never enough.”
I carried that feeling with me my whole life.
I have never known what I wanted to do in my life. While my classmates were getting excited about pursuing their dream career I felt lost and couldn’t find anything that I would excel in.
I tried really hard to find “my thing”. Tried to fit in, but somehow it was not working for me.
All my ideas got always vanished by people telling me, “You wouldn’t make enough money doing this”, “It would be hard for you to find a job in this area”, “Way too many people apply for this school, there is a small chance for you to be accepted”.
Of course, I believed them. I didn’t know differently.  Felt like living with a tattoo on my forehead “I am not good enough”.

This chronic need of people trying to become someone, excel in something, being told you need to be and behave a certain way, you can’t do this or that, you should not, you have to.

I see people:
  • pursuing careers they don’t like just because of the money
  • staying in relationships just because they feel they will not find the love of their life
  • struggling with their body and health because of all the stress they are dealing with on a daily basis
  • being angry and miserable because on their way of becoming someone they completely lost themselves and pushed their true passion aside to live their life the way they think should live it
I was part of this group of people myself.
When I was 19 years old I left my home country Czechia. I was getting sexually abused in my first ever job abroad and got told “I will not ever build my career in England”. So, I left and became an au-pair to be paid 70 pounds a week for working 10 hours a day for a family that was just using me and made me feel like a slave.
My red hair had to be dye back to brown when I started working as a waitress.
Then, I wondered, “Am I ever going to be able to be myself?” and actually, “Who am I?”
Once, I started my own business back in 2017 I felt free and realized I can be and do things my way.
But, I was not aware of how strong my feeling of “you are not good enough” was. I had the need to prove to others that what I am doing is enough. I needed to excel. It needed to be perfect and unique and different than anything out there.
It was a roller coaster ride to depression and anxiety – feeling like my brain is on fire.
I lost who I was in order to find myself again. 
All I desired back then was to feel happy. I took that feeling and let it guide me, as honestly, I had nothing to lose.
That was the time things changed for me. I started to look inwards and focused on everything that was going well in my life.
Once I read “Your outer world is the reflection of your inner world”.
No wonder my life was a mess as that was how I felt myself for years.


Stop trying to be someone else – Own who you are! And you become the magnet for your desires!


  • Don’t let others downgrade your dream and upgrade your belief, my gorgeous friend
  • If you can think it, it can absolutely happen 
  • We are all one! There is no reason to compare yourself to anyone. Let that sink in “WE ARE ALL ONE.”
  • Ups and downs are part of the journey, you never fail you always learn
  • Define your own reality by changing the language you use daily
  • Whatever you are going through you always have the CHOICE to change it!
Dream big!
I wish I ___________. Dream big and once you are done dream even bigger!
There are no limits apart from the ones you keep putting on yourself.
Love & sparkles

11 thoughts on “Stop trying to be someone else – Own who you are!

  1. Thank you for writing on this subject. Yes, I think more and more women need to ‘own who they are’! Very good insights shared.

    1. Great to hear you can relate to this topic! We all are special and unique but for others to see that we need to own it first ourselves. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. This is awesome. I’ve always felt a similar sentiment of not being good enough, especially when I started my own business. I finally got to the point where I decided to embrace my own brand that’s true to myself. I also agree to that mindset matters a lot. The mind is such a powerful tool, we should always be mindful that we are telling ourselves positive thoughts because the body often follows the mind from my experience. Lovely post.

    1. Exactly! It’s our everyday job to work on ourselves and it’s an ongoing process, there is not such a thing “I’m done”, right? Thank you for stopping by! I’m glad and excited to hear you made such a decision!! Love it!

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