The power of evening routine

How to power up your daily routine with your new bedtime habits. In this article I’m sharing with you tips and ideas of successful people that you can implement into your day to show love to your body, mind and your soul every evening. Start your morning in a healthy way.

The power of evening routine

Ideas to help you to create your powerful evening routine

We all read and hear about how building our daily routine is important, how it can completely change our lives.

Building your daily routine is so important in order to start living the life you so desire.

Most of the time we hear about people building their morning routine, how to start the day the right way. I always say “before you start every day take care of your body, your mind and your soul” – journaling, meditation and some sort of exercise.

It’s totally up to you what you decide to do, always do what works for you, not for somebody else. Your morning routine boosts your energy, it brings you to a state of mind of absolutely owning our day.

Hell yes to that!

But…During the day things happen, life happens and let’s be honest not every day we have a blast.

That’s why building our evening routine is so important.

Go to bed every night being grateful for all good or bad that happened to you during the day, be excited about getting up in the morning the next day, get yourself ready for any obstacles that can come your way to be able to handle them better.

Tips on what to include in your evening routine:


Journal about your day, write affirmations or write 3 things you’re grateful for (I mean truly grateful for). Write down what you’re looking forward to in the morning so it excites you, it can be as simple as having your morning coffee.


There are so many apps and videos you can find online to help you to find your way to being able to meditate. Even if you’re a person whose mind can’t ever stop, believe me, you’re able to stop your thoughts and explore this space of peace and calmness. 

It takes practise as you know nothing happens over night.

You can also include some easy exercise as part of your evening routine. Nice relaxing bedtime yoga is a great way to finish of the day.

What not to do?

Don’t use your phone or laptop an hour before you go to bed.

Using any digital technologies just before we go to bed can cause a bad night of sleep without you even realizing it, as usually we watch videos or read books on our Kindle to make us feel sleepy.

Get a hardcover book – relaxing not educational. Allow your mind to have a break.

Building your daily routine is easy.

Be consistent with it and mainly make it your own and make sure that it feels good and it excites you.

More often you do it sooner it’s going to stick with you.

It’s like the way you brush your teeth every day. You have a specific way of brushing your teeth, which you do automatically without even realizing it.

I don’t take “but I don’t have enough time to do all this” for an answer. Start with small changes and grow into this beautiful amazing person you always wanted to be.

You have 24 hours every single day just like everybody else.

Be nice to your body! Look after it! It’s your temple!

Much love,

Klara X 

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