The power of journaling – 7 tips to journal about

The power of journaling – 7 tips to journal about

The power of taking the pen into your hand and grabbing your journal and letting it all out and breathing it all in.

OMG, it’s powerful.

I feel nowadays many people still underestimate the power of journaling. I have noticed people get bored of it easily, they don’t know what to journal about, or they don’t know how to journal.

I was watching and studying others for a while and found out that there are 3 kinds of people.

“It’s not for me”

People who start journaling because they see other people doing it. They might journal for a few days, but expect changes to happen quickly. They are waiting for someone to come to their life and bring them their ideal life on a silver plate – boom magic.

Most of these people usually quit journaling after a few days or weeks. They simply think it’s not for them.

“I’m in on 99%”

This group of people enjoy journaling. They sometimes struggle with what to journal about, but they keep doing it every day anyway.

Once they start seeing results, changes in their life they freeze and freak out. They cannot believe it’s actually happening. There is only one question that keeps coming up for them “How could this happen to me?”.

What do I mean by saying they “freeze”?

They stop doing their journaling regularly, they feel like somehow the rest will follow until the magic disappears and they don’t know what to do next.

In this case, some go right – keep journaling and doing it regularly again and others go left – giving up on journaling.

“I’m owning it”

Our third group of people they are the ones who are truly owning it. They know the power of journaling and visualization and they leverage it to build and create the life they so desire and deserve.

They stand in their true power. They know whatever they want they can have and they are ready to receive it.

I believe we all have been part of all groups once in our life. Well, definitely I did when I was starting out.

Journaling supposed to be relaxing. I know you don’t want to write about same things every day and that’s why I’ve got for you 7 ideas for each day of the week to use in your everyday life.

Let’s make journaling fun and enjoyable.

No more to:

I don’t have a time for this

This doesn’t work


Day 1 Write your life story

This is definitely a topic to spend time on so if you only have a 5 or 10 minutes skip and come back to this one.

By writing your life story we are trying to look for themes that appeared in your past and you are experiencing in your current life as well. Be as specific as you can.

Ask yourself:

What were my dreams when I was little?

Where did I see myself? What did I want to become? (If you didn’t know what you want to become, think of subjects you used to enjoy at school)

Where am I right now and what struggles did I have to go through and deal with?

What are my dreams? What is my future perfect?

What are the possible obstacles that might come my way?

How will I overcome them?

How committed am I to achieve and live my dream life?

It’s like writing a book. It’s the book of your life.


Day 2 Future perfect

Ask yourself and write your answers down.

Where am I in my life and business right now?

What is my next level? How the next version of myself look like?

How do I feel like as the next version of myself?

What doubts do I have standing in my way to become the next version of myself?

What would I have to believe instead to step into my next level or get closer?

Who do I need to become?

Write affirmations that will empower you every single day to take action and become the next version of yourself. Repeat them and write them down as many times a day as you can, for instance, “I’m a fully booked coach that makes 10K every month with ease” or “I’m visible in my business and people freaking love me”.

Use words that empower you.

Day 3 Writing a letter to myself

Yes, let’s connect visualization and journaling.

Can you feel the power?


Imagine a moment or an occasion in your future.

Think of something that really excites you. It can be you visiting a country you wanted to visit for years or maybe you having your first 5K month.

Use any of your goals you have right now.

Now close your eyes and imagine that the moment happened already and write a letter to yourself being in that moment. Don’t forget to mention how do you feel, where you are, who is there with you, what you are wearing etc.

It doesn’t have to be long. It can be a nice short and sweet letter.

Day 4 My current state

Let’s explore where in your life you are focusing on lack or doubt and let’s change that right away.

Where in what areas am I focusing on lack or doubt?

What are the steps I can take to change my current state?

What obstacles might I come across?

What do I need to believe instead?

What is the one step I’m going to take today? How does it make me feel to take this step forward?

Day 5 Let it flow

Grab your journal and set yourself a timer for 3 or 5 minutes and write.

Look in to your future.

Who am I?

Write everything that comes to your mind. Write freely, don’t think about it too much you already know who you want to become.

Day 6 I’m the future version of myself

Let’s use visualization again to make a big impact on us and our energy to empower us.

Close your eyes and imagine you are standing on one side of a river and looking at the other side. All the sudden you notice this beautiful creature on the other side of the bank. She fascinates you and you cannot stop looking at her. She is the future version of you. Look at her.

Write down everything you can tell about her.

How does she look like?

What is she wearing?

Who is there with her?

What does it make her special?

Day 7 I’m the woman who…

I love this kind of journaling. It’s so empowering. Think about the next level of yourself.

Write 20 sentences starting “I’m the woman who…

Make journaling fun, relaxing and powerful again. I’m sure you would never leave your house in the morning without brushing your teeth as it’s your habit, right?

Let’s turn journaling and visualization into your daily habits. Stick with it and you will be well amazed how all the sudden things will fall into place.

A note for you:

When you are journaling about your future perfect always journal in a present tense, in a positive way and be as specific as you can.

Let’s grab your journal and have some fun, shall we?

Much love,


8 thoughts on “The power of journaling – 7 tips to journal about

  1. I write a journal myself so this was an interesting post for me. I liked the suggested structure and ideas for content. My blog contains elements of some of these but not all.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Journaling is a massive part of my daily routine!

    1. Amazing! I’m glad you find my post useful. There are so many ways for us to journal and it is so much fun Xxx

  2. I think journaling is the best way to reconnect with yourself and understand why we act a certain way and what is really bothering us.
    I believe it to be pore powerful than therapy and I do it everyday!

    1. Hi Carla, thank you for your comment. Totally agree! It’s part of my daily routine as well. It’s just so much fun as well:)

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