How to use journaling to manifest the life of your dreams

How to use journaling to manifest the life of your dreams

Some people follow blueprints and watch webinars to try to find the magic formula to success, to a happy life with all the results they have been dreaming about.

Sure, I have done that too.

I felt like I was doing all the right things, taking all the right steps but nothing was happening. I couldn’t see any results in my coaching business for months. Some days I felt like to give up. I felt like maybe this is not the right path for me.

Everything changed when I realized that actually following someone else’s strategies is not the way I want to run my business and I gave myself another shot. And I am so glad I did.

This was the time I started to journal twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Writing everything down into my journal, imagining my future self and start running my business in a way she would, not I would in my given moment totally changed my life.

I fell in love with journaling!

This is how I manifested the life I live at the moment – my business being published in our local magazine, a break-up with my now ex-boyfriend, my holiday in New Zealand, me becoming a coach, my first client, my big move from the UK back home to Czechia and much much more.

I am not sharing this here with you to show off my successes, but to point out that this can be you as well!

I used to be a depressed, lost, stuck in life mess over 6 months ago. I didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I wanted to give up on life. I felt like the biggest failure in front of everyone. I used to overreact easily and to be honest, I didn’t like myself as a person at all.

Journaling helped me to find my way back to life and mainly to manifest the life I always wanted to live. Sometimes you can journal for 5 or 10 minutes another time you spend hours digging really deep and finding all the answers you have been looking for. 

My advice to you:

Stop working crazy hours and stop running around like a lost little puppy and sit down and get clear on what you truly want from life and why do you want this and that.

Grab your journal and off you go.

Get clear on how you want to run your business, in what way.

Where do you want to show up and how? Obviously think of your ideal client as well, but to be honest, if you are a heart centred entrepreneur your ideal client is most likely the past version of you.

So ask yourself “Where do I like to hang out?” or “How do I like to absorb content?”.

By journaling every day you can easily dig deep into yourself and look at any of your limiting beliefs that you might have. For instance, maybe you say you don’t want to do lives on your business page on Facebook to promote yourself, so ask yourself what is the true reason behind this.

Is it just you being scared of people seeing you or you don’t think your ideal client is hanging out there?

By asking powerful questions you are turning into a powerful creature with no limits. By journaling every day you can start creating your new life, your new normal.

And you so deserve this!

Ask yourself every single day “How do I feel today?” and be truly honest. It seems like a silly question, but it’s so powerful. From here you can create a super powerful dialog with yourself that can bring you back to the energy you want to be showing up for your audience and your family whenever you feel like crap or even whenever you feel great and you want to feel even better.

“What is the reason of me feeling this way?”

“What do I need to believe instead?”

“What steps can I take today to support my new beliefs?”

“What empowering mantras I can create today to support me during my day?”

There is no right or wrong. That’s the most fabulous thing about journaling – you make it work for yourself and your needs in your given moment.

Start communicating with your own mind.

You are a beautiful powerful creature!

Today it might be just your dream – tomorrow it can become your reality. Remember the internal shift needs to happen first for the external shift to follow.

By journaling every single day you are stepping into the next version of yourself with ease.

Remember consistency and stickability is the key!

Start creating your new normal today! You are the designer of your own life!

No one else will ever do it for you as only you know the best what you truly want from life.

Much love,

Klara X

17 thoughts on “How to use journaling to manifest the life of your dreams

  1. I suffered with anxiety and depression. I ended up letting it control my life and it prevented me from doing things. Then I started running and blogging. Running helped me battle my mind and teach me that I can push myself and achieve things I never thought possible. I have ran the London Marathon this year after spending nearly 24 years as a couch potato. I blog to help me track my progress and to set goals for myself. When I’m having s bad day, it’s important that I take the time to look back at where I started and see how far I’ve come.

    1. Hi Natalie, thank you so much for your comment! What an amazing story, so inspiring! I totally agree that moving our body helps massively. It helped me as well on my journey to overcome depression and start living again. Mainly it’s such a great energy booster, isn’t it? Well done you, wow London marathon, must had to be a massive achievement for you! Xxx

  2. Amazing!! I will try this because I enjoy writing my feelings but also having a great imagination. I am a visionary dreamer so, I will enjoy this.

    1. That’s amazing! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Starting to have this conversation with ourselves can be truly life-changing X

  3. Ever since reading Debbie Ford’s 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse, I have discovered the power of journaling. Something about putting your thoughts in writing helps me to get in touch with my feelings and also helps to make my intentions that much more powerful.

    1. Hi Kate, thank you for commenting. Absolutely, the power of putting things down on a paper is truly priceless! Xxx

  4. I’ve been thinking of doing more journalling, but keep forgetting! This is a good reminder, and they’re very useful prompt questions. I like the idea of writing about a future self as well. Did it take time for you to get comfortable and in the flow of thinking and writing about a future self?

    1. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed my read! I’m a big dreamer so for me writing from the perspective of my future self is something that comes naturally to me and I love it. A great way of doing it is also listening to a visualization about the future version of you or some sort of manifestation visualization and then write.

    1. Thank you! That’s amazing to hear! If you need more support don’t forget to get my mood journal to help you to manifest the life of your dreams. I love journaling and it has been a massive part of my manifestation journey.

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