How to stop sabotaging yourself

Stop sabotaging yourself and start living again!

The heart centred entrepreneur story

Are you a heart centred entrepreneur?

I know you want to make good in this world. You are dreaming every single day about the impact you gonna make on this planet, right?

I hear you and I feel you, trust me. I also know that you have been probably through lots of “crap” in your life that brought you here, right here where you are now.

You are kind of a messed up deal let’s be honest.

What do I mean by this?

Please, don’t get offended. Let me explain. Being messed up is a beautiful thing and you should definitely leverage that. I always say “We all are messed up and that what’s beautiful about us”. Your story, things you have been through, people you met on your journey thus far and people you are about to meet this all is part of who you are today. You are a courageous creature with so much to give to this world.

But I also know that there are things that are stopping you from being the true you the real messed up deal you actually are. It might be you being a pleaser, you saying “Yes” to everything, you being stuck in your dream world, your scarcity and fears, you thinking that you need to achieve XYZ to become the you who you are already today.

Let’s dig deep into some of these blocks that are stopping you, the heart centred woman on the rise from living your fulfilled life:

The “Yes” machine

I’m sure most of us have been there many times on our journey. This doesn’t even have to be business related.

It can be you being always here for your friend, saying “Sure, I will come to this concert” even though you hate the band plus you know you have so much to do but your friend ask you to come so you go because you are worried she might never talk to you again if you won’t come or maybe you just signed up a client you know is not your soul client and you have this feeling that it will he a hard work but you needed that money to pay your bills.

Does it sound familiar?

Well, it definitely does to me. Whenever you turn into this “Yes machine”  you think you are doing good to this world, you are making an impact, you are helping or maybe you are just trying to survive another month. What you don’t see is that you actually keep putting yourself aside and keep letting your scarcity and fears to rule your world.

Beneath every single “Yes” you once said even though you tried so hard to convinced yourself that this is the right thing to do lies a fear or a scarcity.

“If I don’t sing up this client I won’t have money to pay my rent.”

“If I tell her I can’t help her out she won’t ever talk to me again, I will lose my friend.”

By keep living in this “Yes machine” world you actually keep pushing away all the juicy stuff that is trying to come your way.

By saying “yes” to a job that doesn’t feel right you are pushing away all the other gorgeous clients or work deals that are on their way to you right now.

By keep saying “yes” to your friends every single time they need you you keep living someone else’s life and keep putting yourself aside. You live your life aside of your own path and the most ridiculous thing is you do it to yourself.

Take the responsibility for your life and  realize that every single day you can choose. These fears and scarcity is just your imaginary world you created for yourself. I know it feels real but honestly we both know that it’s not.

Scarcity and fears

Let’s dig a little bit deeper into your fears and scarcity I’m sure, you feel in some aspects of your life right now. It can be in your relationship or work, family, your health it doesn’t matter.

Scarcity and fears are part of our life that often cause us heart centred people being stuck in our dream world.

It feels safe to live in your little bubble full of dreams but it’s time to realize that without leaving this safe world and taking the necessary action you won’t ever make your big dream a reality. It’s all about these little steps you can take every single day that will take you closer to living your purpose.

It can be you moving into your boyfriends house, you doing your first Facebook live or you leaving the home for the first time because you so want to travel the world.

What are you fears about the action you know if you take will bring you closer to your dream life? What are you scared of?

Write a list of your fears for the certain block you have inside you right now. It might be a long list but just keep writing. After you are done read it out loud and laugh. Read it out loud again and laugh even harder.

By looking at your fears you are making them to look so little and also so ridiculous as once you realize that “Omg, I’ve been letting what I think that other people think of me if I go and travel the world from actually booking my flight ticket” you will laugh.

The need of XYZ to achieve this/that

This used to be so me. The need of “I need to do this first before…” It’s something that is caused by your fears and your lack of confidence. For me it was also the need of proving others that I’m enough. I thought that with another certificate and diploma people will finally take me seriously. I couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve already was good enough. Actually, I was freaking amazing and so you are right now at whatever you do.

You don’t need to take another course just to prove others that you are in “this” for real.

You don’t need to hire a coach to sign up your first client.

You don’t need another 3 months with your boyfriend to see if you should move together or not.

Remember you are right where you supposed to be, not ahead not behind. You are already enough just the way you are and there are tons of people out there waiting to see the real, raw and delicious you!

You can have an amazing idea you write down in your diary today but gorgeous, if you not gonna take the necessary action your idea will stay just this another page in your diary and you deserve more than that.

You are a heart centred courageous messed up woman with so much to give to this world.

Stop hiding, laugh at your fears and go and take the action today!

Last but not least:

“You don’t have to be the best at what you do, you just need to be the best at taking the necessary action!”

Much love,

Klara X

12 thoughts on “How to stop sabotaging yourself

  1. Great blog, love the tips about not saying yes to everything, I did this just this morning and although I felt guilty for saying no, saying yes would have been a distraction to the real things moving me forward!

    1. Hi Leslie, amazing! Thank you so much! Just stay true to yourself, saying no is super powerful because there is a yes coming your way to something that means so much more to you Xxx

  2. Lovely uplifting post “We all are messed up and that what’s beautiful about us” My favorite part! Today I am learning to embrace the beautiful mess that I am!

    1. Hi Stacey, thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed my latest post and especially the part you mentioned – something I will get tattooed one day:)) You are a beautiful mess, always remember that! For more daily inspiration please do not hesitate to come and join me on my Instagram, would be lovely to connect with you @klarahodulakova_coach

    1. Thank you for your comment Natalie! It’s so freeing once you learn to say no and mainly once you do it, it will be easier to do it again Xxx

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