Life & Success coach for visionary women entrepreneurs, coaches & creatives who know they are meant for more

The dream business or career, when new opportunities are constantly coming your way 


The man who will love you the way you are


The body you enjoy to take out every day


You crave ease, more time, love…


You crave to come home and feel supported and balanced. You crave to go for a holiday, to eat out whenever you want to, to see your friends and take time off without feeling guilty or behind.

You want to be HAPPY…

“Am I asking for too much?”

No, you are not.

If you have a desire and you feel it in your heart, there is a reason why – it’s meant for you!

The Universe/Source/God/Higher Power is always giving and you are always receiving – you are in fact a manifesting queen already!

… if you would be only asking for what you want and was able to see the signs, receive the downloads, be open to see what you cannot see…

I have been there myself…

Always focused on my career or my business after not taking care of myself

Staying in a relationship for all the wrong reasons – “What would people say, we have been together for so long?”

Trying to fit in a box of what is normal and other people are doing and falling for what should I be doing or have to be doing – “You should use this strategy, you should do it this way..”

Focusing more on other people’s lives that made my life to always look crap and made me feel like I am not good enough.


Change came when I was going through my darkest days. Sounds like a cliché?

It led me on my healing journey and exploring the power of my mind and seeing clearly what stories were holding me back.

Thanks to my mentors and coaches I was able to learn how to:

Shine the light on my open wounds that needed healing to clear my connection with the Universe


Reprogram my mind to match MY desires and MY dream


Leverage my energy and use it in creating my dream reality


Live consciously every day and manifest with ease what I actually desired

Which allowed me to…

Meet my current partner and finally experience what love truly means


Better and deepen my relationships


Leave home to live in Bratislava in Slovakia


To run my business from a place of soul and alignment 


Listen to my intuition 

Life doesn’t supposed to be linear there is a beauty in both ups & downs


My mission is to guide you, support you so you like the dark and the light so you are learning every single day and live consciously to see the signs to receive the downloads, so you slow down and enjoy this experience we call LIFE.


Coaching is not about quick fixes, it is a true craft and true creation of MAGIC.

This is a bespoke experience but here are few things we will cover:

Before we set on our journey together we set intentions – Where do you see yourself in 3 or 6-months time? What would you love to achieve in your personal life and business or career?

If you are not sure don’t you worry. I will guide you to gain CLARITY and get excited.

Your heart knows what it wants and we will focus on your feelings to be the catalyst to your progress and next steps.

I will guide you to explore the parts of you yet unknown to find your way of being, living, feeling the way you want to feel the way that makes you happy and light the fire inside you.

I will create a safe space for you to be open to not only share the laughter but the pain as well.

You have a magic inside you, you have the right to create it your way.


You have the right to be in a loving relationship, to feel amazing in your body, to live in the NOW, to be an awesome partner/wife, mum, daughter, sister, business owner/boss/colleague, friend…


To LOVE yourself!


This journey is about ALLOWING & EASE no more hustle mentality. The focus is on YOU.




You will:

Live freely and manifestation of your desires become your new nature (it is so much fun)

Attract your soul people to you with ease and serve your clients more powerfully than ever before

Spot opportunities, receive signs and take soul aligned action

See life through a new lens of us being ONE

Have the space from which you create your dream life, run your business or grow in your career a big time

Be in high vibe energy mindset that others will feel and sense, you will shine differently and show up with CONFIDENCE

Love yourself deeply and you take good care of yourself 

Experience what true love means – meeting your dream guy or bettering your current relationship

Explore the world and travel to places, spend time in nature all the things you never had time for

This all is possible for you! In fact this is possible for every single one of us.


This experience is magical and the internal work is the catalyst for raising your vibration in order for you to follow your soul blueprint to take action and create/design the external part of your life.


We are going inside out not the other way around.


This is what Wild & SOULfree living is about!

3 months 

Here is how we will work together:

  • Bi-weekly coaching sessions every month 
  • Unlimited access to me via messenger for the duration of our time together
  • 1x 2 hour intensive sessions
  • Book recommendations, music playlists, meditations/visualizations, journaling questions

6 months 

Here is how we will work together:

  • Bi-weekly coaching sessions every month 
  • Unlimited access to me via messenger for the duration of our time together
  • 2x 2 hour intensive sessions
  • Book recommendations, music playlists, meditations/visualizations, journaling questions

Please, don’t sign up if:

You only do what you do for money and the “I am know for” status

You are here to follow but not to lead

You are not interested in spiritual growth 

You are not willing to set a time in your schedule for your inner growth and coaching sessions

This is for you if:

You are taking 100% responsibility for your transformation & results during our time together

You are here to show up fully in order to dig deep and explore life on a new level

You are ready to change your way of living

The investment for 6-month journey together is $7,500.

The 3-month investment is $4,500.

I believe we all are here to create magic in this world in our own way by our own rules – by following our soul, our heart desires.

I have got my scars from trying to do it the other way around to prove it and I am sure you would find one or 2 as well.

Just like those beautiful souls I had the pleasure to work with:

“Klara thank you again for the amazing work that you do! Working with you was simply incredible. I really do feel like you’ve broken through the cocoon I’ve been squished in, even though my wings were ready to fly. What a journey this has been. I feel so much more confident than ever before in my business. You are a blessing to the world, Klara, thank you for reminding me that I am too.  Infinite love and appreciation!”

– Jennifer Rae, Spiritual & Life Purpose Coach

“Thank you Klara so much for showing me the importance of being me and running my business in that way. You caught me up on my BS and truly you dig deep if you feel like there is more to discover and I loved that. Since then I was able to publish my workbook on Amazon and I also opened doors to my new meditation experience.”

– Denise Silva, Empowerment coach


The feeling you are feeling right now in your body is there for a reason.


I know you want it. I know you are meant for more and I know you know that deep inside as well.

What would you do if money wouldn’t be the issue and if you know with full certainty that all that you desire is yours already?

I feel you gorgeous, I have invested in my own personal growth, mentors and coaches thousands of dollars over the past few years alone.

It is scary, the chatter in your head goes on and on…

… but let me be honest with you

The transformation, the change you will experience in your life and I don’t only mean the return on your investment will impact you and people around you forever.


You will learn skills for life that you can then take and teach and help others. By growing your consciousness you are elevating the energy of this whole planet. This is what I call the triple effect of coaching.


If you are still feeling the bright light flowing through your body I invite you to apply by clicking the button below.

I would be honored to guide you and support you on this journey of creating your Wild & SOULfree living.