You are unique, find your uniqueness

Ways to help you to find out how special and unique you are. Online entrepreneurship is often full of comparison and overwhelm. You might often feel like you are not good enough and your confidence level is low. Boost your self-esteem and show up for yourself as the real confident you and raise your vibration to manifest the life and business of your dreams.

You are UNIQUE

No more comparison & overwhelm

Find your uniqueness

I see more and more people struggling to find their true selves, find their voice.

We start looking at all the other influencers in our industry, we stalk them we try to find out why it is working for them and not for us. We often start copying what they do thinking “ok, if it worked for them it must work for me too.”

It doesn’t work like that. We try to over-complicate things without even realizing it. And in fact, it’s so simple. Stop looking at others and start digging deep into yourself.

You have all the answers you need.

Whatever industry you are entering, there is always 100% a room for you. Never forget that!

Being unique is something that:

  • separates you from others
  • that makes you stand out from crowds
  • only you can find within you and let it shine out

I remember when I started my coaching business. I could see these headlines everywhere “Coaching industry is overcrowded” or “Is to become a coach still possible?”.

You see all these online entrepreneurs and you keep thinking to yourself and questioning yourself “Is this actually possible for me too?”


The voice in your head keeps telling you differently “How can I possibly succeed in an industry, where there are already so many people doing what I want to do?”

There is a good number of competitors in any industry you are entering no doubt of that, but look at all the famous people for a moment:

Did Beyoncé give up when she was starting her career? Did she turn around when she looked at all the popular and famous singers out there?

Did Ellen Degeneres give up entering the TV scene, trying to succeed as a comedian?

Did Meryl Streep give up?

Did Ed Sheeran give up when he was still singing and playing the guitar in the streets trying to succeed in the booming music scene?

No, they didn’t!

They knew they have a special gift and they need to share it with the rest of the world. For them it could be their amazing voice, love for acting, being able to play the guitar amazingly well…

They were passionate about their gift. They focused on achieving their dream life!

And you can totally do that as well.

You can become the best coach in your area of expertise.

You can open the most fabulous restaurant in your town.

You can write a bestseller. 

You can win a marathon.

You can become a professional scuba diver…

You can be whoever you decide to be! Our imagination is limitless and so you are.

What is your gift?

Your gift is your personal story. That’s what makes you unique, special and one of a kind!

You need to realize there is no other person who walked down the same path as you did. NO ONE!

Similar maybe, but not the same.

Writing your life story

Think about it as you would be writing the book of your life. Let’s give it a name “The book of my life” or personalize it “ The book of Klara’s life”.

Go back the furthest you can in your head in your memories and write down everything you remember that influenced you in past, that got stuck in your head and created the you who you are today.

Be as SPECIFIC as you can. Remember you do this for yourself. Think of all the obstacles you have overcome, people you have met on your way, people you have lost, everything you can think of and put it down on a paper.

This is so powerful! Take your time.

Writing your life story helps you to realize how powerful you actually are, how UNIQUE you are!

It shows you how strong you have been and how confident you have become thanks to all your experiences.

I want you to write your Book of Life and take the energy out of it and keep it. Let it run through your body – this beautiful river of life and abundance.

Your personal story is what makes you the magnet for your tribe and your tribe is out there waiting for you.

Thanks to writing your story, putting it down on a paper you might find the passion for things you have forgotten over the years or maybe you decide to completely change your career.

For instance, you have been a chef for many years, working in the most amazing restaurants, but after writing your story down you realize that actually being a chef is not what lights you up anymore. You find out scuba diving and the underwater world that is what you are passionate about.

You’ve been diving your whole life for a few months every year, but never thought about building a career out of it. All the sudden you want to become a professional scuba diver – by sharing your story then you can attract people who are chefs and are passionate about scuba diving as a hobby. You can share your passion for food with people you dive with.

You inspire people just by having the gut to make such a huge change in your life.

Whatever business you’re in you attract your tribe the way you show up and the energy you show up in.

I know how vulnerable it can feel to be more open and share parts of your life with other people, but imagine how many people you can help, how many people you can inspire.

The ugly truth

Be prepared, no everyone will get you!

And that’s absolutely fine. You are not here to please or serve everyone. You are here to live passionately and serve your tribe.

The Universe is abundant and there is enough for all of us.

Go and grab a pen and paper and write your life story.

Find your uniqueness.

We are all messed up, but the mess once made created the you who you are today!

Be grateful for all that happened in past and for all that is yet to come your way.

Much love,

Klara X

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